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9/15/2007 c5 18XinnLajgin
Please tell me your gonna update soon.
9/15/2007 c5 TJ
Just stumbled upon this story and I must say it seems like it has potential. Then I looked the data and realised that you have been writing this for almost three years...

Why, oh why do I always get attached to writers like you?
9/15/2007 c5 T.N.T
Nice chapter ^^


Hope you update soon, this is turning out to be a great fic.
9/15/2007 c5 38Utena-Puchiko-nyu
Nice chap!

Kisses from ARgentina!
9/15/2007 c5 7Falling Right Side-Up
I'm so very happy that you updated, so very disappointed that it was so short and only in Harry's POV. Oh well, I still liked it. ^_^ Update soon!
9/15/2007 c5 krista-shadow
it had been so long since you updated that i forgot what the story was about, but i reread it... and i still love your story... if that makes any sence?

please dont keep me so long in updateing next time

9/15/2007 c5 2Laughing Cat
You updated! You updated! I'm so glad that you updated!

I love the new chapter. It's not as long as your previous ones, but VERY emotionally charged. Great work!
9/15/2007 c5 8PsychoWing
So, did arriving in Middle Earth give Harry greater wandless abilities or was it just desperation?

Good update. Looking forward to the next.
9/15/2007 c5 Etidorpha
I loved this chapter. I can't wait until Harry gets his strength back, though, and actually shows the Company what he's made of. It should be an intersting shock for them. I look forward to more!
7/31/2007 c4 Merrymow
I was wondering when you're going to update?
7/28/2007 c4 PsychoWing
Cool. This seems pretty interesting.
7/20/2007 c4 AmethystSiri
Great story :) I look forward to the next chapter, please update again soon :)
7/20/2007 c4 5moonlit dew
PLEASE update soon! It's just getting interesting! Kisses!
6/19/2007 c1 A-Light-Sleeper

I read your profile and found what you wrote pretty funny. Sometimes when there is an author I like I lot I'll read their profile to see who they are, why they write, and many other things. Hehehe, I like reading profiles when I get bord or forget what I'm doing.

I hope you update this story soon I really like it. The idea is a little depressing; but it's still very interesting. Keep up the good writing; I hope I see an update soon. I hope I can write a story like this, because this is pretty creative. KEEP UP THE GOOD WRITING AND HEHEHEHEHHE!

6/4/2007 c4 3dellacouer
I've only recently begun reading the HP LotR crossovers but I have to say yours is the best of what I've read. I'm liking the plot you've started. It is new and starting at an interesting juncture in the book/movie. I hope you update. I wonder what would happen if Harry happened to get a hold of Gandalf's staff. Anywho, be neat to see some magic from Harry at some point, really scare the fellowship.

Great work, putting you on the alert list so you better update. shakes fist. I'm kidding I wouldn't cyber clock you...or would I...smiles...

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