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1/6/2005 c3 2Laughing Cat
Man, this is an awesome story so far! ^^ You are one of the writers that I absolutely adore, if only for the fact that you understand that there can be no real correlation between modern-day English and Westron (the common tongue). Heck, even if Westron was based off of old English, nobody would be able to understand it! For example, "Ic ðe freoge" sounds /nothing/ like "I love you," and there have been so many vowel and pronounciation shifts since that time that even if two people read something off of a paper, one using modern pronounciation and another using old English, it would sound as though they were saying completely different things. And there's no way that anybody in Middle Earth would be able to understand modern-day slang, especially since slang is so specific to a region or country. Whoops... didn't mean to babble on. I'm just so happy that Harry arrived and didn't immediatly understand Westron/Sindarin/Quenya/Easterling/etc. ^^;

In case you want to use them in your story, the names of the hobbits in Westron are:

Peregrin "Pippin" Took: Razanur "Raz" Tûk

Frodo Baggins: Maura Labingi

Samwise "Sam" Gamgee: Banazîr "Ban" Galpsi

Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck: Kalimac "Kali" Brandagamba

Oh, the word for hobbit in Westron is "banakil", although in the Shire and Bree the word for hobbit is "kuduk," and in Sindarin (I /think/ it's in Sindarin and not Quenya) they were called "Periannath." Anyway... I'm getting off track again. Sorry. ^^;

What I /wanted/ to say was that I'm thrilled with how this story is going so far (*clicky onto my fav.'s list*), and I can't wait to see whether Harry finds/makes himself a wand or tries magic without one. ^^ I hope that you continue on with this! It is definitely a worthwhile read. ^^

Oh! Nearly forgot... I love how you put in "Close Every Door to Me", as well as the fact that you had Ron suggest it. A rather powerful wizard, unable to communicate and with voices in his head sounds like a hilarious situation in the making. ^^ Wouldn't it be funny if Harry suddenly started singing and dancing to "Go, go, go Joseph!," or saw something colorful and started singing the color song (Red and Yellow, or whatever it was called)? *clears throat* I need to stop writing and get to my work, so I just wish you many good times writing, and, if you mean to continue on with this story (which I hope that you do!), many muses for this story. Here. *feeds them*

Ja ne!

Laughing Cat
12/21/2004 c3 2JakKat
you've put a lot of thought into this, haven't you? well, good job. nice chapter, shame he lost his wand, that would have been fun. is he going to make a wand, or just do without? not that that would be bad, his sword- *so* cool. you can chop dementor's heads off? Sweet! i really like this, can't wait for further plot develpoment. :)
12/20/2004 c3 elspeth419
Brilliant chapter! Can't wait for Harry to work out the lingo! UPDATE!
12/20/2004 c3 3Locathah
I hope you plan to give him a way to access his magic though... sooner rather than later.

Actually I just envisioned an amusing scene where he convinces Galadrial to give him some of her hair to make a new wand with :) Powerful glowing elf and all that... if you can use Veela hair for a wand (fleur's) then why not Elf hair?

The giant eagles' feathers would probably work but there's no reason for him to come across them... Actually now that I think about it while there are lots of races in Middle-earth I don't recall there being very many creatures. Well... dragon's exist but from what I remember they're of a different variety(i.e. they're smarter and bigger) and for the most part are long since dead.

I do find it hard to believe that Harry became a linguist though... Unless you're diverging from Cannon he speaks ONE language as of the age of 16. Learning more would be very far from trivial (and the number you have him knowing would be enough to count as a career as a linguist) unless there's a magical way to go about accelerating the process.
12/19/2004 c2 2JakKat
so what, you completly took this down and re-posted it? but you lost all your reviews! ah well. yay- someone's alive! thats nice. well, i still like this, but update already! :)
12/19/2004 c2 Valkyrie Nienna Helyanwe
What is the name of the song?

Update soon.
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