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for Teen Titans: A Cinderella Story

8/26/2005 c5 3Xerxes93
GollomRobin is SCARY 2 the powwer of 9,9,9,9,9,9 x100

but the story is great!
8/26/2005 c3 abby
u r from philippines right, so am i, do u like durian?i do,if u r can u understand this "nasaan fa man?"
8/26/2005 c6 dark girl
gollum boy where in the small blue-coller town i live in did u come up with that?

otherwise good story
8/26/2005 c6 Syani
GAH! I'VE BEEN ATTACKED BY ROBIN! X_X; ^^ Anyway... NICE backgrounds..! You dressed like a lady..? Just like I though you were a girl when I first know you... ^^;; Heh... sorry... and awesome story about Firecat! And just a note: I don't do dates... -_-
8/12/2005 c5 5YummieCreamy
This story was so hilarious! But I suppose this to be, right? And i have laugh a lot this story. And I don't understand something: how come you on the idea that Batman secretly dating Wonder Woman? That is so crazy!
8/2/2005 c5 1sillyNAHcheeto
Okay... this is rediculous but i like it
7/28/2005 c5 4Basil-at-221b
ok quick question...WHY THE HECK DOES ROBIN SAY PRESIOUS ALL THE TIME?that kinda ruins the story but so far(without the robin/gollum thing) the story is great!
7/1/2005 c5 75Satu-D-2
Please update soon... I want to see how it turns out...
5/25/2005 c1 DarkMale
I just stumbled onto your story somehow... Great PREMISE! Great first chapter! Can't wait to read it all! See ya...
5/18/2005 c5 33o Mischief Managed
Great story, dude! Lovin it so far! Me and my brother are readin this, and we're totally laughin out loud the entire time! U gotta update update update! We'll be waiting!
5/5/2005 c5 4Sadistic Dreams
that was so funny. leons dragon
5/5/2005 c4 Sadistic Dreams
good for her. leons dragon
5/5/2005 c3 Sadistic Dreams
that is funny please write more. hahaha.

leons dragon
5/5/2005 c2 Sadistic Dreams
omg that is so funny please continue...

leons dragon
5/5/2005 c1 Sadistic Dreams
that is so cool! oh what happens next? :@

leons dragon
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