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for Teen Titans: A Cinderella Story

5/1/2005 c5 2dramaelfie
...interesting. But still funny.

5/1/2005 c5 6Ancient Egyptian Dreams
Good, good, my preeccious... no! great, my precious, great, great!

*with dissapoint* oh, dont stop here! the show must go on-NOW!

please update soon

.::FroM A-(oops, i mean *the*)- FaR FaR AwaY Palace::.

5/1/2005 c5 starfirefan05
okay that was alot of batman talking

add more chaps you havn't in a while
4/30/2005 c5 2BlackGothFaerie
Dis is 1 of da funniest (and weirdest) fanfics i hav eva read. Syani & Dis, u guys ROCK n who eva writes da story is mad, n i congradul8 u on such an original idea, it's so kool.

i really like Robin having Gollum syndrome-altho, it was a bit weird and conusing wit him doing all thos Gollum things, n y dusnt he like Batman n Wonder Woman (or who eva she is, i dnt know) being 2gether? & wat about Batman is he so afraid of being like?

K, well, gr8 fic n plz get da nxt chapter up soon.

L8r Black_Goth_Faerie
4/30/2005 c1 ravens possy
I love his one! I have been looking every where too find this one fanfic 'cause I heard it was really good from my sister but I could never find out how too find it but now I did so I am like sso excited and I can't WAIT to R&R another one!
4/30/2005 c5 4k0r1and'r
lol keep going i loved the last part :P
4/30/2005 c5 disneygirl
it's good, you are gonna finish ti right, I like it that Star is Cinderella, and Robin is Prince Charming, they are mant for together, at least that's waht I think, how 'bout you?

4/30/2005 c5 3EsperSY
Ha! Like that a lot, especially this quote here... "As much as I like to see Dis squirm like a decapitated ant..." Lol, just kidding! ^^ And who said I'm not a superhero and you suddenly are! I have a knife-fist, ya know! ^^ And I pity Rob for his... err... gift. And BB too...
4/30/2005 c5 4disappearerSyani
I'm a little crazy, aren't I? Just to let y'all know, there will be quite a lot of drama incorporated in this quirky story of mine and Syani's. Peace.
4/9/2005 c4 6Ancient Egyptian Dreams
oh, i couldnt stop laughing! my sis practically had to strangle me to stop. especially when i read the part with cyborg in a tutu... please update soon!

(i need more laughter)

.::FroM A FaR FaR AwaY PalacE:.

4/6/2005 c4 Green Energy
4/4/2005 c2 Jackalobe
Rose=Jackalobe, sorry for confusion!
4/4/2005 c1 Rose
I read the story that time!

You don't mind that Terra's dead? Cool! I thought you might be upset or something..

Okay, Raven thought Beastboy was lying to her, b/c when she saw Sandra and Robin hook up, and how badly Starfire took it, she thought that she would end up just like Star. Raven thought that since Robin played Starfire, and went to Sandra, Beastboy would plan to do the same thing.

Hope that clears all confusion you may have! Sorry if I was a little rude, I take things a little too personally! Chapter nine isn't the last chapter... I'm just super bussy in school!

Farewell! (nice story, btw! I think I've read it before, but my review thing wasn't working...)
3/27/2005 c3 7AxRKeyblade9
hi UPLOaD MORE! happy easter
3/25/2005 c4 2ShadowCatOfTheNight
lol. I especially enjoyed the part where Robin acted like Gollum.
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