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12/16/2014 c2 Mark Of Serafina
Why do you succumb to her outrageous demands?! Angel, it's not worth it to be with her! She's still so full of herself sadly, and I thought she changed when she went to LA... Wishful thinking I suppose?
3/3/2008 c2 1seeleyswifey
okay good plot line but hurry p and get to the buffy/angel thing because him and whoredelia is about to make me want to shoot my computer
7/6/2005 c2 Julia
Before I say anything else, I would like to say that this is a very good story. But a couple other things. A-Cordelia really matures as she gets older, and just because you-like me-want to see Buffy and Angel together, it's no reason to refer to her as 'Whordelia' and make her act all bitchy. B-Angel doesn't run around-into the sunlight no less!-doing Cordelia's bidding at her slightest whim. And C-Don't knock on Riley so much. Yes, he is boring when compared to Angel or Spike, but he loved Buffy very much. Despite what many people seem to think, he wasn't in it for the sex.
3/31/2005 c2 amanda
OMG cordelia is a B.I.T.C.H. i hate her and riley is a F*ing asshole i hate him too hope u kill them both please update soon i really love ur story

sorry 4 the bad words but i had to put them
1/23/2005 c1 Sally
Not bad at all, for a trollfic. You did go overboard with making Riley and Cordelia too unlikable. But still, I suppose the point is to satirize godawful characterization. In that sense you got it perfect - they're both completely unlike the canon characters. Keep it up - you shoudl add some more badfic elements like mpreg or something too.
12/29/2004 c2 4JayJay88
nice! Angel's a little too whipped tho! but i love it so far... u shoul ddefinitely have some Angel beating the shit outta Riley stuff! and maybe even a cat fight who knows!
12/29/2004 c2 22emerald sorceress
Angel, angel, angel.

You were never this wimpy with Buffy.
12/27/2004 c1 Childe of the Daywalker
Great, yet another moronic, C/A-hating asshole who can't make a story featuring the character without butchering them.

I am getting so F*cking sick and tired of idiots like you who can't seem to write a story involving a couple without portraying any obsticles in front of it as evil and horrible.

And for your information, Buffy was much more of a whore in both series' than Cordy ever was. Cordy has always been and will continue to be better for Angel than that selfish, arrogant, dwarfish, bitchy, anorexic, flat-chested, nasally deformed, cunt Buffy ever was.

'You're Welcome' -Cordy (Episode 100, the best episode in ATS history.
12/27/2004 c1 emerald sorceress
Okay, so I can't see Riley saying all of those things, but then that is Riley and I hate him so who cares?

Personally, I hope something huge, green and nasty eats him.
12/27/2004 c2 Buff
really cool
12/25/2004 c2 4Jaysgrl
this story has me hooked please..please continue!

Merry Christmas
12/25/2004 c2 124goddessa39
Continue... and before you put them together, make Buffy and ANgel get pissed off at thier 'partners' and then break up in some way that is worthwhile! Then, make Buffy and Angel come together somehow like afterwards... and a happily-ever-after after rthat. :) WEll, it's ur fic, you write!

12/24/2004 c1 BA Fan
A good idea, one that has been done a lot of times so try and make your story have a twist that hasn't appeared in other stories. Riley wouldn't of said those things, but hey its your story- you can do anything you want :)!

On to a different thing now- Robyn if you think it's just a show then why do you read fan fiction and why do you speak so passionatiatly about the relationship-that-thankfully-never-was between Angel and Cordelia? That makes you seem very pathetic because you are contridicting yourself. And another thing why are you reading a story that had the summery 'Buffy is wit' Riley and Angel is with Whoredelia. Read how they come togetha finally and stay this was 4eva', if you absolutly love the 'strong and loving adult relationship' of Angel and Cordelia? (btw, if you haven't got it yet I-am-being-sar-cas-tic.)
12/23/2004 c1 Storywise
Oh my lord, is this a parody? It has to be, this shit is too fuckin' bad not to be. If by some cracked out chance you're being serious here...thank you, thank you, thank you, for not being a Spike/Buffy shipper. Go on ahead taint the B/Aers with this crap all you want - me likey. Ev0l. :D No, no, this is intentional bad fic. I just know it. (*g)
12/23/2004 c1 BuffyAngelfan
I'm really feeling this story. update soon.
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