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4/21/2007 c1 21DemonUntilDeath
AH! You didn't end it! But this is still a great great great story! Well written, as well, amazing job!
10/21/2006 c1 27Anna Jaganshi
Hullo, me again. I really like this one too! Again, it's very sad, but has a... I don't know what to call it, a feeling that I get that makes me want to just... hug people... sorry.

Also, I liked how you put the little simile up there, about the book and all. That sounded so right for this, it fit perfectly!

... Songs... well, I have a tiny suggestion... but I'm no good at those. 'Taking Over Me' by-Evanesence might work... but i'm not sure. If you'd like, I could send you the lyrics.

Well, ja! Hope it works out, and happy Halloween(early)!
3/28/2006 c1 1kahuffstix
hi i liked both of these fics. for a third fic you could use the song 'this is how you remind me' by nickleback.
9/22/2005 c1 31shiorifoxiesmom
Good story. I hope there's a third one where they work everything out.
9/16/2005 c1 7BlackRosePoet
Hey Kyou! Guess who? I really like both "Always" and "Someday". I've tried to find a song for Youko's POV, but I don't think many exist that would work, I certainly haven't found one. Anyway, I've read all of your fics except "In the Arms of my Enemy", and I really like them. Although, I CANNOT see Yuki pulling that on anyone, muchless Kyou (Yuki:*twitches*). And I only vaguely remember "The River's Gift" (I think that's the title). I loved the way you stuck you and Yun-chan in in "Playground". I'm getting to ItAomE, its just long. I'm happy I have an account now, when I can post stories I'll email you all. 'Til then cu.
7/6/2005 c1 41lazy fat kitsune
cool!although its a little..contrasting to my belief...but hey i like it!

my favourite phrase : but I hope you know that if you die, I will not live past this night either.

its so cool!
6/8/2005 c1 9bluekitsune251
very... tearjerking.
3/27/2005 c1 another hiei lover
I really liked this one as much as the one before this one. But i think you should make a proper ending, like what does hiei do? If it is not too much truble it would be nice if you really made the ending.
2/23/2005 c1 1define this shit
ah! i thought i'd read a different insight on this fic before! that explains the similarity in plot... iunno.. *shrug* ima sucker for sugar-coated happily-ever-afters. they're just... addictive. and sugar gets me hyper... but of course, if i really have a mind to, i can get hyper off of ANYTHING. literally. i could get hyper off of AIR. actually... i think i did that today already... :D awesome fic. i really liked this. and from youko's perspective would be extremely thought-provoking. :D defenitely a good idea.
1/29/2005 c1 3PainfulxRecovery
You really need to do a third one. Not necessarily a Youko Kurama POV one since he's being a bastard, but we need to know if Hiei dies and then Kurama or if they live. PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*

~ . P.R. . ~
1/22/2005 c1 Painted Turtle Shell
very beautiful! I LOVED IT. PLease write a Youko one! I DON'T CARE IF THERE ISN'T A SONG
1/19/2005 c1 13Demon Hiei's Girl
OH! That was awesome how you left the ending that way. Some stories can't pull it off. That was cool. ^.^ I LOVED IT! My ending? Hm...


Okay, uhh...Hiei takes the gun, and fires it. Kurama freaks out, and then Hiei turns around uninjured. Laughs, says he was just kidding, and Kurama goes from a sweatdrop to an anger mark and attaks! AHAHA! And Yoko gets's PO'ed and leaves them alone. Kurama and Hiei make up. End.


lol That sucked, but it was rather enjoyable, eh? (That's not how I IMAGINED it, but I didn't want to be predictable! ^.^;)
12/23/2004 c1 18What2callmyself
Well, for a third fic, we'd have to know what you were putting in it so that we could help find a proper song for Youko's p.o.v. I know it will have the same events, but his thoughts are something to consider when choosing the song. Anyway...this fic was good as well. ...At the end, I kinda envisioned Kurama handing out the gun with his hurt look, and Hiei either takes the gun and sees Kurama's action as a 'I won't try to control you' type of deal and 'if it is what you really want, I can't stop you' thing. From there it could go to A) Hiei killing himself or B) Hiei not killing himself. Though I would like to know how Youko is able to take control of Kurama's body. It would seem to me that Youko only gets control when Kurama lets him or when Kurama is suffering from too much pain (emotional/physical) and is able to push himself out. When you make your third fic, would you mind clearing that up? ::n.n:: Happy Holidays and post again soon! =P
12/23/2004 c1 8darksaphire
yes yes yes write another onegai!
12/23/2004 c1 17Good Question
LIKE THE OTHER ONE! LOVED IT! ^_^ VERY GOOD! Although I still don't like the abrubt ending. ^_^ VERY VERY GOOD!
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