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for Hellboy's First Christmas

2/20/2012 c2 117princessebee
Another beautiful story! The age of it does show greater inexperience, but I love all the details of their life together, Hellboy's development, Broom's history and beliefs and the simple and beautiful messages of this story! 3
12/26/2011 c2 NobodyKnows42
Another good read, especially the mix of what might be thought of as secular tradition with religious-people give gifts to each other because God gave us Jesus as a gift. Again, nicely done. 3
12/26/2011 c1 NobodyKnows42
Interesting tie-in to the comic here...if you go by the December date, it kinda makes everything look a lot less 'evil', if you know what I mean...*reads on*
5/20/2005 c2 88Darkover
This was great! You managed to combine the best of both the graphic novels and the movie. Everyone seemed very much in-character, the passages between Hellboy and his adoptive father were wonderfully tender, and the dialogue was very good. I believe that Professor B.'s name was spelled "Bruttenholm," but pronounced "Broom," for some obscure English reason. Otherwise, this story was without flaw and a delight to read. Thanks for posting it. Sincerely, Darkover
2/19/2005 c1 82Domenic
Oh, so sweet, and the ending was excellent!
2/17/2005 c2 trin
aw, you made me crie.

that was an awsome fic, keep up the good work.
12/28/2004 c2 Linda
Lovely! The creche you described is just like the one we had when I was growing up, so that part was very vivid for me. But what did Hellboy get for his first Christmas?
12/26/2004 c2 kitarakata
;_; So SAD! Poor HellBoy, I can't imagine what it'd be like for the first Christmas without his father...

... *gigglesnort* Fafah.

Merry Christmas, Palla.
12/26/2004 c2 2ZombieHundKraus
Very nice story you made here. Out of all fanfictions I read, you write the relationship between Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm the best. You make it so believable, and the parent/child relationship is very clear in this. It's also very interesting to see Hellboy go deeper into his faith to celebrate one of its most important days.

Great work.
12/26/2004 c2 3Reading Girl
Great chapter! Very cute and sweet, and you did the ending fantasticly. Happy Holidays!
12/26/2004 c2 28TheShadowCat
That was very nice. Thank you for this story.
12/25/2004 c1 TheShadowCat
That was wonderful. I can't wait for the next chapter.
12/25/2004 c1 3Reading Girl
Aw, so sweet! It's just adorable! I love it! And a merry Christmas to you! Happy holidays as well!

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