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7/31/2019 c19 5TSLOPfan
This is so beautiful that I'm actually crying...
7/31/2019 c2 TSLOPfan
So far this is really good. Good job. Meanwhile, Zazu in Swahili means movement while Pumbaa means silly.
4/27/2015 c19 19DisneySweetHeart
I was ironically thinking of a Zazu/Ma pairing and I come across this great story! Good job!
4/4/2015 c13 85BrainyxBat
That Max is so funny. That cheeky cutie. XD
4/4/2015 c9 BrainyxBat
Once again, Max was very in-character in this chapter. :D "What are you trying to do, kill me?" XD
4/4/2015 c6 BrainyxBat
I think you wrote Max very well. :D He was really in-character; I just adore him. X3
4/14/2014 c10 Guest
I like what you wrote about Timon and Ma in this chapter, even though I don't think it comes close to how loving their relationship really is from Timon's film (Lion King 1 1/2). But at least it shows that Timon does love his mother as it should be, being Ma's biological son.
9/29/2012 c18 Miss Universe
Wish I had a sister... -.- all my brothers are ANOYING! ...sorry if I misspelled...
9/25/2012 c19 14Persadial
People are weird...
2/6/2012 c19 Candace T17
That was super awesome! Please write a sequel 2 this, I love this story!
1/23/2012 c19 Random Junk 13
Cool Story! looking 4 ward 2 more. L8R!
5/19/2010 c19 1Cora Sinclair
I love this! Zazu doesn't have nearly enough stories, and the fact that you gave him a mate just makes it even more lovable!
2/9/2008 c19 32corset-rebellion-follower
Aw, this was so cute! I never would have thought of this pairing! Great job!
12/18/2006 c19 7bdlywrttn
Yay! finished! and in one day too!

I applaud you, this was an awesome idea, and I enjoyed it very much.

I'd very much like to, with your permission of course, maybe put a bit of MaZazuness in a sequel to my fic, if/when I do make one.

All in all, very cute, very good. What more can I say? Adding to favorites. :-D
12/18/2006 c15 bdlywrttn
yay, glad he's turned around.
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