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for Chrono Trigger: The Sands of Time

7/5/2011 c73 5patattack
Wicked chapter! Loved how you worked this out, especially Lucca's change of mood and how the Epoch had a mind of its own.
7/5/2011 c73 PsychoDude
I know you have stated in your profile that you ARE going to finish this story, but after 4 months without updates it kind of makes me wonder if you are still 'alive' to the fanfiction scene.

But it was worth the wait, and when you mentioned Miguel in the Epoch my mind was blown away, I know that because of the age/period it's most likely not 'The' Miguel, right? (then again, in this game almost everyone ends up time-traveling one way or another...)

Also... Magus!‼!

Something tells me that the next chapter is going to be epic as well.

I'm loving the story so far, and I can't wait to read the rest of it and eventually the Chrono Cross novelization.

Keep up the awesome work.
7/5/2011 c73 34Puja723
:O I saw this update on my e mail and went: YES YES YES YES!

Urgh...the Blackbird part w/Dalton x.x He's such a cocky bastard

o.o A subdued scientist that isn't crazy :) Well that's something new :D

...Dalton? A genius? Lucca your scaring me...

Miguel? Is that Leena's father from Chrono Cross? Or an ancestor possibly?

:/ Yeah they're not killers. They can't kill a douche like Dalton -.- No matter how much we want him to die!

KILL HIM KILL HIM KILL HIM T_T It'll haunt them if they don't! Ugh, curse you DS ending! Curse you :(

LOL @ mini Glenn x Lucca moment!

Evil cliffhanger is evil! T_T Not cool! ._. We've got to wait for another chapter for the epic rematch between Magus and Glenn. :) Aw well it was worth the wait! This chapeter is awesome!
7/5/2011 c73 3Cyberkidx
Hoo boy. I was starting to be worried that this was going to be a dead fic. Glad to see I was wrong.

Okay, addition of Miguel was a nice touch, explaining how the magic worked on a scientific level. His helping the party escape made more sense then their climbing out through an air vent too.

Alya being the one who retrieved the items was such a nice nod to the fact that she's the only one who can fight when you're trapped on the Blackbird. I love the little touches like that.

I was slightly disappointed that you offed Dalton so quickly. He'a monster and he totally deserved to go down with his ship, but he had his funny moments. Especially the changing of the Epoch's radio. The lack of the Acrophobic Golem King disapointed me too.

I guess you wanted Dalton to go down offscreen so that you wouldn't have to write his odd gate escape on the Epoch. Good call, that's a bizzare scene. Without Chrono Trigger DS to explain that he warped to the future to take out Guardia, it just comes off as nonsense.

The Epoch's Autopilot/AI was a nice touch. How the heck can Alya fly it ingame anyway? Good explanation.

Magus. Hoo boy. I cannot wait to see this scene. I'm fairly certain you're going to have him join the party. How on earth is Frog going to get in the right spirit to forgive him?

The drama! The excitement! I can't wait! Don't make us wait months for the next chapter. Please!
6/7/2011 c32 5HitmanPAC
I really like this story so far, but I decided to leave a review on this chapter before continuing because it resolved a major issue I had with the story. Up until now, chrono and company were very underpowered compared to the game. I understand that this is a dramatic retelling of the game, but for me much of my love for Chrono Trigger came from watching a bunch of heroes kick ass and get progressively stronger. I was worried about how you were going to handle this aspect of 'heroism' in a game, but I'm relieved that you used the power of magic the way you did. It certainly makes gaining 'levels' more realistic than simply an abstract expression of 'experience', and I hope to see their battles getting more epic! Honestly, my worry peaked at the fight with the Dragon Tank; I remember the feeling of gradually beating up a tank until it malfunctioned, and then having Chrono leap onto the tank and deal lethal damage to it's insides with his sword being one of the crowning moments of the early game, and was a little dissapointed that it was changed into Lucca knowing the right places to hit to break it, and using it's own strength against it. I was worried that the rest of the story was going to be similar, but my worries have now been put to rest along with my one complaint about this story, and I thought that deserved another review to further inflate your review count.

I look forward to the next chapters!
4/14/2011 c10 2Plasma Knight
Justice prevails :D

"Secret walls? Secret passageways? If it needs be necessary that I taketh thee both to a nunnery, then I thank the heavens that we happen to be in this cathedral."

Uhm... Frog wants to take Crono and Lucca to a brothel? What, is this some kind of reward? @.@

Anyways, i'm glad to see you're continuing Frog's use of Ye Olde Butchered English, even though it didn't really exist :p
4/11/2011 c9 Plasma Knight
Ever badass, Frog ;D

Nice chapter :D
4/8/2011 c8 Plasma Knight
Eesh, something like this WOULD be hard to write. I have trouble writing close emotional scenes without it seeming forced, but you did well. Nice job :)
4/3/2011 c7 Plasma Knight
interesting change on the name Nadia. I kinda like it :3
4/2/2011 c3 Plasma Knight
Why was Marle so pissed at Lucca, was it jealousy? And why was Lucca so antagonistic to Marle?

Oh well. I assume this strange energy is temporal or something. Either way, it was pretty good :3
3/26/2011 c1 Plasma Knight
Impressive :O You really fleshed out the opening. I'm interested to see how this story goes.
2/25/2011 c72 Belthasar
Nice chapter.
2/24/2011 c72 5patattack
Good chapter. Interesting how Dalton got the group to cooperated with his demands, even though his method was morbid. I must say that the disagreements between the group were surprising, mostly Lucca's insistence that they give up. But, I'm sure it'll turn out well after a while.

So, keep it up and good luck!
2/23/2011 c72 34Puja723
Yes! Another update from you!

I was surprised to read Lucca blowing up at Marle like that! She's got a really big temper on her I never knew existed! Or is it because she secretly loves Crono and will never get the chance to tell him how she feels because of Marle...

So I guess without Crono the entire team falls apart :/ I like how Robo's just staying quiet and just listening. However, Marle has a point though.

Aww Glenn, hehe I like that just doesn't take anyone's side and understands what needs to be done...He's so awesome

I liked Lucca's flabbergasted expression when Robo agreed to go also!

...Yay it's Dalton...yay

Ugh more waiting for the epic rematch! Can't wait for that :D
2/23/2011 c72 25Link Fangirl01
Heck, I can wait. The showdown should be the greatest to hit Fanfiction.

Lucca's giving up, this is unbelievable!
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