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for Chrono Trigger: The Sands of Time

8/21/2010 c70 34Puja723
:O Yes this chappie was filled with angst! But in the most awesomest ways possible! :O The Magus, Janus, Schala stuff was epic! @ Hopefully it doesn't muck up the future of that world xD *dies* Lavos...it talks? Ok makes sense :3 All I have to say now is: CRONO NOOOOOOOOOO! T_T Update soon :)
6/29/2010 c69 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
That was awesome! Loved the reveal so much, I nearly felt like crying at the end but ended up grinning and being sad that we STILL haven't gotten to Lavos' awakening yet! PLEASE let that be the next chapter!

Did you just kill one of the prophets? But how does that work? Gasper is in the End Of Time, Melchior is in 1000 AD, and Balthazar is in 2400AD... So he can't die! Or do you plan on explaining that in some way? Fun time stuff?
6/28/2010 c69 KhronosWolf

I think I check the Chrono Trigger page at least three or four times a week, always waiting for an update to this story.

Awesome as always!
6/28/2010 c69 34Puja723
Woot! Another awesome update! Yes I agree w/Glenn Dalton is a fool, who also breaks the fourth wall in the game xD. :( *wishes the Nintendo DS kept Glenn's old english speech* Seriously I miss that in the DS version. Yay for black wind references in the chappie. _ Queen Zeal needs to take mommy lessons. :O Wow go Janus - is that supposed to hint at who he becomes in the future :3 Er...wow the "Prophet" is threatening his younger self? That's a bit weird... but awesome! Wait? What? THAT'S IT? Where's Lavos? MEAN CLIFFY! Update soon please!
6/28/2010 c69 3Cyberkidx
Hooray! I was afraid that you had stopped working on the story!

Okay, on to my impressions.

Firstly, I love how you took harmless background elements (namely, the clones) and turned them into story points. I love the Theology that came from this chapter in Janus' sermon. I love the way Magus reveals himself to everyone at the end, (and let Lavos get a hold of him yet again. the dope.) And I love how you explained what happened to Doreen. I always wondered where she went when Zeal fell. (Of course, if you write a Chrono Cross story, you may have trouble explaining how Doreen manages to join the boys in fixing the corrupted Masamune)

The biggest event in the game is coming up, I can't wait to see how you write it!
6/28/2010 c69 5patattack
Nicely done! The part with the clones was interesting and the final scene at the Mammon machine was too.
6/18/2010 c68 3Cyberkidx
Okay, I've only recently become a fan of Chrono Trigger, but I love every chapter of this story.

The way you write each character's personality is amazing, and I especially like how you add extra depth and plot details that weren't originally in the game, like Dalton being Balthazar's apprentice and Robo and Alya developing magic in their own ways.

I can't wait to see what happens next, especially since Chrono's dying scene is soon. (Not that I want him dead or anything)
5/28/2010 c13 11Firelord Lionheart
Very good so far, but I think the King would call Marle by her real name, Nadia.
3/23/2010 c68 34Puja723
o.O I can't believe I missed this chapter! Epic as always! *_* so much shipping xD D: The Ocean Palace is coming up next! Squee! Can't wait update soon :D
3/8/2010 c68 8Allysien
Thank you so much for another awesome chapter!

I eagerly await your next chapter!


3/5/2010 c68 5patattack
Nice chapter! I think my favorites parts were the interaction between Crono and Marle as well as when the party storms the castle and kill the people inside. Hope you next is as good.
3/3/2010 c68 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
So intense, the fighting and even the death of civilians. Wow! I like how Dalton changed his tactics, if the queen is dead, he becomes ruler! I can't WAIT for the next part. I'm so excited and nervous. You're not going to do the whole going through the ocean palace are you? Or just a shortened version of it?
3/3/2010 c68 25Link Fangirl01
Gawdangit Gibson! I hate cliffhangers! DX Is this the start of the last battle? Hope it goes well! It'd be really nice to see some of the soldiers survive...I don't think they will though.

Excellent chapter, rather dark though.
11/9/2009 c67 IUSEDTOBECRAZY
I must say; having played the game thouroughly, I enjoy the perspective and viewpoints that you put behind the characters. Your story is well written, (the beginning was a little weak but it obviously got better)and you have good grammar usage and punctuation. Thanks for a good read and I hope you continue.
11/9/2009 c67 1Unclever title
Ah the Ocean palace is so close! I can almost feel Lavos beckoning!

Interesting take with the divine dreams in this chapter, Janus's dream in particular, it's kind of hard to determine whether the Prophet was actually speaking to Janus or he was being given a prophetic dream. Well, I guess either way it's prophetic...

I love the interaction between Glenn and Schala and already forsee that a certain choice for Glenn will be even more difficult with the knowledge he gained from Schala.

Again always a fan of Robo's perspective, though I admit upon checking the line a 2nd time I was reminded of "You're a good man, Charlie Brown" and upon searching that title in google I learned that it wasn't what I thought it was at all! (A movie vs. a Musical) I should maybe see it sometime. And a Robo musical would be ridiculous. Glenn's more the type to say "Good grief," anyway.

Wow, that's a real tangent...

How very ironic the plan of the heroes being to give Lavos a "shot of the plague" when within Janus' dream the Prophet's hatred infects him like a plague and poisons his thoughts all the while the Queen's thoughts are still poisoned by Lavos' emanations.

It almost seems like incredibly subtle foreshadowing... ;)

But is it for more things than one? Hmm... Time, as they say, will tell...

Schala's anguish at the plan is very appropriate and indeed mirroring to Chrono's own earlier when he thought of what his time traveling might cost the world. Such is the way of war, often a most despicable thing, but sometimes it must be done, granted Earth is on the defending side in this case.

I also was surprised by the depth of Dalton's character you began revealing here when he was trying to save his former master. I never really thought about Dalton that way, great idea.
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