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9/9/2009 c65 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
Three cheers for Schala's determination and teleportation. :D Yeah, it seems unlikely that they climbed down without any trouble and so quickly. That or they jumped. XD

Janus is an adorable little brat. XD Oh no! What is the Prophet going to do with Doreen? O.O Whatever he's doing, would it explain way Doreen wasn't with Masa and Mune to become a complete sword, the Mastermune? Or are you not thinking that far ahead to tie in certian things with Chrono Cross?

Alright Robo! He's got an elemental attack! :D Tis wonderful how you descibe how he feels without making him too human. Robo needs more love.
9/9/2009 c65 25Link Fangirl01
You left an adequate cliffhanger alright. But for once I don't care. :D The chapter was long, wonderfully detailed, and explained so much. Thanks for continuing.

wow, over 300 reviews. Congrats!
8/30/2009 c64 9Kit Thespian
Poor Crono; he really got the smackdown in this chapter both literally and figuratively! This chapter was really insightful into Crono's character and was awesomely well-done. I love the budding romance between Crono and Marle. Keep up the good work on that one.

Poor Doreen. I hate that she's been captured.

I liked Lucca encouraging Balthazar. It's about time she went around encouraging someone instead of being dismal and depressed.

Time to go save Melchior! Can't wait to read your description of the Giga Gaia! And sorry it's been so long since I've read.

And yes, the world would be a much better place if people just talked things over when they need to.

Best lines:

1) Glenn's entire speech to Crono. That was great.

2) “What good is fire if it no keep you warm?”

3) “There are so many things that we do not know right now. We are so hopelessly lost. Who are we, to guide these sheep? What horrible shepherds are we?”

“Hey, don't lose that happy-go-lucky optimism or else even I could go depressed. Weren't you the one who told me 'anything can be improved upon?'”
8/30/2009 c63 Kit Thespian
Awesome! Gosh, this part in the game is so sad, when you find out Balthasar died and all that's left is the Nu.

By the way, I forgot to mention I really liked Doreen's explanation of the elements to Robo in Chap. 61 and I REALLY liked the earthbound leader saying, "What is thy glory that I might worship thee?" That was so cool. I take it that's some sort of scriptural saying forgotten by the Zeal people but quoted among the earthbound people.

Poor Gaspar. He was just as angry and confused as Crono was. Janus disappointed him horribly. Stupid Janus! But I really enjoyed Robo discovering his earth-moving ability. That was awesome. And Lucca discovering her own destiny (the books) and knowing there was another power source besides Lavos was rewarding.

Best lines:

1)“Uh, boss...I think we better do what he says.”

“Ugh...you guys suck...”

2)“Yeah, so that means that there's a person in there who needs a lot of work done yet doesn't seem to get along with other people...sound like somebody we know?”

“Aye, it does, but thou'rt out here with us.”
8/30/2009 c62 Kit Thespian
Wow, that attempt to get the Mammon Machine was what many would call an EPIC FAIL. The "prophet" needs to be whipped with a mule chain, in my opinion. Man, they shouldn't underestimate HIM. I loved Lucca's righteous indignation when she saw how the slaves were treated. I must say, the "cleansing" process was remarkably disturbing.

It hadn't previously occurred to me that they hadn't heard Gaspar's name before this. He he, boy are they in for a shocker. Poor Crono, this is all he needs to help his guilt...not.

Best quote: "As the slave howled on his knees, Crono remembered his foolishness of thinking that he had entered into a paradise. He remembered the rooms he saw in that structure that separated a world of plenty from a world of devastation. The memory of the mural came back to Crono. He recalled the scene where women and men were dressed like kings and queens while others were cast underfoot, naked and ashamed. The mural, which held little significance to him then, was forever etched into his mind as a symbolic piece of work that only hinted at the cruelties that reigned in this heavenly hell."

Heavenly hell...I like that.
8/30/2009 c61 Kit Thespian
Sorry I haven't reviewed in so long! The evil monster known as "real life" has me in his clutches day in and day out. That, and that fact I haven't had a laptop in a while. But I'm getting a new one! SCORE!

Anyway, I love to see the little "thing" between Glenn and Schala. You know how I like them. The backstories (Crono and Janus) are awesome. Crono's really made me feel ill (which, I can tell, it was supposed to) and I felt so horrible for him. I also feel bad for him since he knows he's the one that's going to die. But I adored the scene between him and Marle.

I felt bad for Lucca and her revelation. But if anyone can figure out how to get around Lavos scientifically, it's her.

Favorite quote: Robo laughed, “If I had a brain it would be hurting right now...”
7/11/2009 c64 Skylark360
This is the second time an author took a suggestion of mine into consideration. I think I'm having a heart attack... O_O

Or maybe you were planning this.

Either way, Schala FTW! ^_^

Now what will happen next...?
6/5/2009 c4 shystar06
I'd need to recite half the contents of a dictionary to say just how much this fanfic ROCKS.

Very few people have even attempted such a thorough novelization of a video game, never mind one as legendary as Chrono Trigger. Even fewer have done so with any amount of skill.

Truly amazing work. Finish it to the end of the game and you will have accomplished what only a tiny handful of others have done.
6/4/2009 c64 Professional Freeloader
No that is great writing. Nice ending.
5/31/2009 c64 1Unclever title
Woo! Sounds like Schala will join in on the fighting.

A multi-faceted chapter this one. I like it. I liked all of it. It's nice that Crono is trusting his companions not only with his life but with himself.

I also like that Crono can get into arguments and fights with his pals like the rest of them did earlier. It makes me wonder about the interaction between him, the others, and * when the time comes, of course Crono might well be an entirely different person by then (so to speak).

In fact I just now realized the irony between the scene in this chapter and the last time they were at this campsite. Then Crono was the glue that held them together when they lost sight of things, now Crono needed to be pulled back away from his self-loathing.

The cave almost needs a name after all this especially if it manages to not get destroyed in future events.

The Development of Crono and Marle is always welcome. And at the scene with Ayla and the kiss on the cheek I could only say D'aw... but internally considering there were other people in the room.

I like the explanation bit with the Mountain of Woe, that must be one crazy strong natural magnet there.

As always I love the aspects of the world described as Robo sees it.

I too am excited for a full fledged battle scene not to mention Giga Gaia was one of the more memorable boss battles in difficulty at least. I like the idea that Dalton created it, it's very fitting. I would suggest including a minor scene with facing one of the rubble considering the strangeness of a boulder being so dang hard to hit! Of course not if it detracts from the story, especially considering that there are other locations for similar fighting frustration in the game but you know, go with what you're going to go with. Cause so far? It's working great. :)
5/31/2009 c64 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
I used to really dislike Crono's need for his own death, but since this chapter, he doesn't seem so suicidal, and not just beacuse he stopped trying. XD Crono feels even more human when I read the bit with Ayla, Glenn, and him.

The way you are developing the relationships between the characters is great. Glenn and Ayla, yeah I can definitly see them together, as friends of course. How Ayla tries to hide her feelings, she seems so much more mature than all of them despite her cultural and smarts... theres a better way to put it but I can't think of the word. XD Marle and Crono... So adorable and so sweet! The innocent love and jealousy fits perfectly for a young couple new to love.

I love the way you keep developing the story, and the background behind all the asked and unasked questions, like "How in the world did they get down that floating mountain?" and "How is Zeal/Mount Woe flying/floating?" Speaking of which, using Schala to help them, great idea! Even though I have NO IDEA(kinda) what you are planning and how in the world she's going to help them without them going squish!

I greatly look forward to more and am so happy that you are starting to update more regularly!
5/30/2009 c64 34Puja723
WOOT! This CT fic is freaking awesome! A nice summarization of the game and what may happen :3 Feel free to check out my CT fic when you've got the chance :D
5/10/2009 c63 julius08
I just finished Chrono Trigger for the first time last week. I've been reading your story right after I finished the game.

I wish I had some constructive literary criticism to offer, but this 'review' will have to be limited to impressions. I just don't think I'm qualified to criticize your level of writing. So yeah, I think you're a great writer, but that doesn't mean a lot from someone who doesn't write, or does it? Well, that's up to you. Anyway, the level of efforts and persistence you've put through this shows, and I admire that.

I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the concept of fanfiction - I guess it is a good playground for training your writing skills, but at the same time you have the work more or less cut out for you, since we know the story and the characters. Unfortunately I don't really have anything satisfying to conclude that thought with, but like I said, you write well and with passion and that's commendable.

On to the actual 'review', or rather, impressions.

I can't seem to read other Chrono Trigger stories than yours by now. The personalities you've developed for the characters just seem to be so fitting. When I read something else, it bothers me that the characters aren't like yours.

I've read this whole thing pretty quickly so it's hard to pick up which parts I liked the most.

Gleen's backstory was a strong point. I liked how you portrayed him and Cyrus. I liked how it was flaws in their characters (pride, anger) that made them fall. It made the whole thing more dramatic. Technically, if you think about it, if Gleen hadn't been so terrified to loose Cyrus's friendship, he might have saved him. Although it's not a given he would have been able to show him the error of his ways, well, it definitively made his story more complex and interesting.

I'm not one for long descriptions and battle scenes. Although I do like how the battle scenes progressed. At first you'd have to wonder how a 17 years old kid with his two girl friends could get away with all of that, all the fights were won by a millimeter. When they got their powers though, it made a lot more sense.

Anyway, I do tend to skip for the dialogs. I mean, I know those places and how they look, I know the story, so I admit it's not the most interesting part unfortunately. For someone who doesn't know Chrono Trigger, I'm not sure they'd have all the fun a fan can have reading this story, and a fan will prefer what you do with the characters than with the events. Well I guess that's fan fiction for you.

I'm going off a bit randomly as you might have noticed.

For a guy like me, it's a bit hard to say that, but I liked the relationship parts. The two-girls-one-guy is probably a big classic in soap TV shows and whatnot, but I wasn't that familiar with it, because, well, I don't watch TV and I sure as hell don't read romance books. I haven't had two girls on me at the same time either. But yeah... I'm just going to say that I actually would have preferred Lucas to end up with Crono, but looks like it's not going that way.

Speaking of, Crono is probably the most interesting part of your story. It's the one with you have the most freedom with, so I think that's a good sign for you. He's really a likeable character. All his motives and reactions are perfectly well explained.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I'm curious what you'll be doing with Magus. I mean, Magus is the coolest character. I remember playing the game as a kid back then and that character awed me (granted, I ended up having a 'f-the-world' teenage phase, but anyway). I still remembered him when I picked up the game after so many years. I wondered just what was his deal. A character like that is more cool if he stays mysterious.

The game managed to have him keep that air of mystery around him - although I wondered if it was because since you could kill him off, they didn't bother give him that many lines.

Well, that's about it. Hope you release more stuff soon. I do guess you won't be dropping this after all those years, would be ridiculous unless you die in a car accident or something. (oh no...)
4/30/2009 c63 jess
god, your writing is absolutely epic. i can literally hear the game music while i'm reading this story, and it gives me serious chills.

i love the complexity and sophistication of your writing and i really appreciate the maturity and patience with which you write. don't know how you do it, but i'm so drawn into the world you've created. your characters are individuals, but don't overcrowd the plot, there's action and natural development, there's philosophy but it's not contrite.

seriously, i am so jealous of your talent! i'd ask for you to hurry and write more, but i don't want you to sacrifice the quality :)
4/23/2009 c63 8Allysien
I've just come across your story this afternoon, and only finished it now... close to midnight.

:D i love it!

can't wait for the next chapters =^-^=
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