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4/21/2009 c2 ten cent friend
In that case, you should check out Chrono Trigger DS.

There's a few tidbits of... Interesting trivia solved, shall we say? For some things that were previously in the dark well into CC. Especially regarding Magus and Dalton.
4/19/2009 c1 ten cent friend
Haven't reviewed for awhile. This got me to wondering, will you include the Magus/Dream Devourer, Dalton/Porre, Schala/Lavos/Kid/Chrono Cross events? At least in some hints and snippets?

4/18/2009 c63 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
Have I told you how awesome this is? It's AWESOME! I like how they found out about who Gasper is and a little earlier too. Poor Crono, still feels his death is so little. Balthazar respects Lucca. That's nice. I really wish I had something constructive or helpful to say but... I don't.

Thank you for writting this!
4/6/2009 c62 Ryan Lohner
So you are still alive! I totally love this story; it's very impressive how you take the game's basic story and make it work as a novel. This could easily be an official novelization of the game if you could get the rights to publish it.

Very curious to see how you'll handle Schala, by which I of course mean giving us some idea of what happens to her. The game is very tightly plotted besides that detail so it always felt out of place.
3/24/2009 c62 Professional Freeloader
So I wanted to review this for a while, but I was having some trouble cause I found myself not enjoying it as much for reasons that were beyond me. So I didn't want to say anything till I knew what it was. But I was lazing about in work today, when it hit me.

In the game, there were certain reveals that kept us in suspense while we waited for their reveal. I know that the first time I went through the game, up until frogs flashback, I was under the impression that Frog was Cyrus. I assume that was the creator’s intent. I also understand that you might not have done that because any tension or suspense that we might have felt would have already been mostly removed for anyone who has ever played the game. Despite that I suppose that what I wanted to see out of Glenn's story arc was an almost never mentioned known fact among the citizens of truce and Porre that Frog was Cyrus (if that makes any sense), and that through that mistaken assumption, Frog's guilt at not being the Hero that everyone assumed would further induce his seclusion.

But that's my problem. I wanted something different from the story, and as it stands, your way is probably better anyway. No what's really bothering me, is the reason (or the assumed reason anyway). I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but your story is written for people that were fans of the game, and you introduce the story through the eyes of the characters, with you own flare of creativity splashed in. So we know what's going to happen. My problem is that sometimes, it seems like even the characters themselves know what's going to happen. I really can't explain it better, but I think I realized it with the way you treated Crono's reaction to the prophecy. It's like "we know it's going to happen, he knows it's going to happen, so what's the point." I don't know. For all my ranting, this might make no sense at all.
3/18/2009 c62 25Link Fangirl01
Oh I'm so glad you updated! :D It is the best. I'm sad for all the Earthbounders who died, especially when Chrono was trying to save them.

A sad but good chappie and so very long. Thank you for continuing. :) I can wait for as long as you need me to.
3/18/2009 c62 7Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
Whoa, this chapter was intense. I like how you went about them entering the palace instead of just waltzing in like in the game. The stripping, washing, and branding of the Earthbounds was really good. I felt so bad for them during that scene that i almost wanted to cry. How the prophet found out of the plan was very nice, overhearing Schala while she gives hope to poor Janus.

Great chapter, thankyou for updating and I can't wait for more.
1/12/2009 c61 BandanaNight
I just read through all 61 chapters over the last three days or so. In fact, I stayed up really late and read all of the last eight or so when I should have been sleeping for class in the morning. Shame on you for writing a story that keeps me up so late!

I've very much enjoyed most of the story, though I must admit I tend to sometimes just skim over a bunch of the extended action scenes, but that is probably because I enjoy the personal interactions and character development more.

I'm a little surprised with Crono's troubled past and various actions that he does, but it does seem very much how I'd imagine many generally good teenage male characters.

Lucca has surprised me a bit too with how... quarrelsome she is. I'm not a huge fan of her for the most part in the game, but it seems to me that she was a bit more laid back in the game, if still a bit of a know it all. Her desire for romance with Crono is interesting because I always imagined it to be very platonic.

Most of the other characters are more or less how I imagined them, though I enjoy Robo's developing sense of humor. Good job with most of them. I didn't imagine Dalton to be mainly an engineer/inventor/mechanic type of person though. I always imagined him as more of a military general first with a little bit of engineering to him. Maybe I misread that though.

I wish I could give more creative reviews, but after reading through 61 chapters, I forgot a lot of my thoughts, but maybe I'll remember individual ones for each chapter from here on out.

Question: What order do you plan on doing the side quests at the end? Also, I'm curious because Ayla doesn't have a side quest that results in great development for her in the original Chrono Trigger game. Finally, don't forget to save the tree.

Good job. I look forward to future chapters.
12/17/2008 c61 Sailor Phantom of Middle Earth
I've been waiting for this chapter! Waiting to read how they felt about what Janus said.

I really like the bit with Frog and Schala, that was nice. Alya's was so cute!

FINALLY! They said it! Perfect timming too since he's going to die. But wow! How he lost his sister and about his father... No wonder he doesn't like talking about it. poor guy.
12/16/2008 c61 26Novalon
I know I don't leave many reviews, but I remembered that reviews helped me want to write more, so adding my own review could encourage you further.

I know I've reviewed this story before, but it's turning out to be quite what I expected, save for Crono understanding the prophecy beforehand. Of course, this is just wishful thinking, but I would hope that you follow a certain sidequest (one that I've always found to be emotionally powerful).

I enjoy the further use of introspection, and the interaction with each of the gurus, to me, I find the whole thing with Lucca to be rather peculiar. In effect, while Balthazar is an influence on her, she further influences him, and perhaps a piece of that is shown by him in the future.

By the way, the new DS content would certainly be something to elaborate on. Of course, if you haven't experienced it for yourself, then disregard it, though the addition of story and different weapons is certainly interesting.

You've really made Janus interesting, by the way, I would enjoy it if you left Magus alive so you can show how he's changed through the character's reactions.

Keep up the good work!
12/16/2008 c61 1Unclever title
Yay! More exposition! What? Don't look at me like that.

I'm being serious. SO SERIOUS!

But seriously, (pause)

It is nice to have a bit more or in the case of Crono a LOT more, exposition. Fittingly enough the reference back to feeling like that time before the battle of Zenan bridge, except this chapter felt more like the chapter that came after.

SPOILERS AHEAD! Seriously why are you even reading this before reading chapter 61? Go away!

Except this time instead of Crono worrying about the Consequences of his impact on history Lucca is the one who was troubled by such thinking, but not to be outdone Crono breaks down even further in front of Marle, what a crybaby.

Ha no, it's good to get the full story and Crono's take on it's implications. It's only natural that such an experience would shape someone that way. Or rather from what I've gathered in my 21 years on this planet it seems that people either become like their parents or wholly unlike them rarely ever falling somewhere in between I for one would be happy enough to become half the person that my father is, but we can't all have the same experiences. Crono holds himself to a pretty high standard though I suppose standard isn't the right word. Rather than holding to the straight and narrow path he just wants to avoid the wide and winding path as much as possible. Though I'm generalizing things.

I absolutely LOVED your explanation of elementals, I wasn't expecting it like that but it was fantastic, and pretty much to be expected from an elemental spirit, that it was contrary to how they appeared to be. Plus it just makes sense. And it adds further purplexidy for Robo to ponder upon, though he seems to be recognizing some limits to his understanding and breaking others that he though were there. How very human.

I see we have more to look forward to from your other story about Glenn. Of course that was already being hinted at, but I see that the "relationship?" will last longer than I had previously thought. Also how funny that he ends up asking more about the child that(HMMGMHNNHMG)in the future not to mention that he be attracted to the kid's sister. I hope my mumbling made that clear.

Speaking of I noticed some parallels in Crono's past with his father to the bully's father in The Deformed Knight. I guess that shows an example of what I mentioned earlier. Funny that and probably a part of what Glenn sees in Crono's character.

Good to see from Ayla's perspective. She was the least developed in the game character wise and we find further evidence that Crono is the Idiot-Savant of Charming. I know it's the not the nicest of terms but otherwise it wouldn't of been as applicable to idiot Crono over there.

*Points at a quiet red-head with a sword.*

Anyway this update couldn't have come at a better time for me I just finished my last final of the semester so I'm REALLY HAPPY NOW!

In case you couldn't tell by the insanity up above.

Not to mention that the last and latest episode of SBCG4AP came out a couple days ago. So if you'll excuse me...
9/26/2008 c1 11Sparkling Moon Phoenix
What a NICE piece of work you have here. I'm off to read the rest!

9/25/2008 c60 10Ched
ah, At last!

I was waiting for so long time, but you`re as always - great.

Sorry for my alternative grammar X_X
9/14/2008 c60 Professional Freeloader
Wow, you're alive! Great chapter!
9/11/2008 c60 25Link Fangirl01
Yay! You finally updated! I was pretty shocked to see Balthazar there. It makes my head hurt to think of him meeting them in the distant future and it'll be the first time for them. Ooh my head...ouch.

Thanks very very very very very very very much for updating. XD
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