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2/3/2006 c37 9Kit Thespian
I loved the chapter. The background information was very good. I always pictured Ozzie being cruel to Magus before the latter came into his powers.

As for the first author's note, I'll just have to look at your other stories, hmm? Though this note is very mysterious and I'm going to be itching until I see how it turns out, I'll wait. As for the second note, that's really good and it makes sense for your novelization. Poor Magus, how's he going to feel when he comes to his senses? As for the third author note, WOWEE! That would be a BIG change. If you do it, I won't kick and scream. You do what you want in that area. It might give the story an even better dramatic tone. However, it also, er, takes away the meaning of the title of the game, since it wouldn't be used and all.

Our comments write the story, hmm? That's usually how fan fiction works. It's one of the things that makes it so much fun.
2/2/2006 c37 Captain A
Two things here:

First of all, did you forget that unless Magus is killed by Crono and the others, Frog will not turn back into a human at the end of the story?

Second, I am going to be furious if you have Crono killed. Seriously. You should have Lavos kill the Crono Clone instead. This is the best Crono Trigger Novelization I have seen-in, fact it's one of the ONLY adaptations I have seen, so you shouldn't spoil my enjoyment of it by killing off the main character.
2/1/2006 c37 the-ear-that-isn't-there
You are a bad, bad boy...(and I mean that without any intended dodginess)...I expect you will have many people jumping down your throat due to hat Crono dying comment. I was even surprised when you said it...though granted it would open up a lot of opportunities for the story...though i doubt you could beat Lavos in the game without him...(go Crono, Lucca and Magus...their unbeatable)

now, this comment is going to make me sound like a read prat but hey, you don't know who i am so it's all good. You spelt prophesy wrong, and don't think Im an obsessive speller...its just that that one word irks me for some reason...the spelling you were looking for was spelt with a C...'prophesy' with an S is the verb...as in..."I prophesy that you will think i am a asshole upon reading this"...don't ask me where the word prophesise then comes into the mix coz i have no idea...

but seriously, don't kill Crono...you could actually have him dead for a good while though (kinda what im eventually (if i ever get around to it) going to do). I always found it annoying that as soon as they could they jumped into trying to get him back. This is a war their in, there are always casulties. Certainly Lucca, the voice of reason, could see that? But then again, you can ignore me...it may be for the best...i wont be offended.

Good idea about Magus mentioned in the spoilers. Makes it much more realistic as to why hes so eager to change sides.

and just so you know...even if you do kill Crono and never bring him back, i wont stop reading. You happen to be the only story on my favourites list that updates and I would miss your writing...plus ur stories wicked.

so UPDATE! and keep up the inspiring work, mate.
2/1/2006 c36 12hhgbh
"A humungous detour." Chrono and the gang seem to get a lot of those.

So here's how their little quest looks to be shaping out:

First, they have to travel to the Denadoro Mountains to find one half of a legendary sword. (Can't have an adventure story without one of those.)

Then, they have to figure out the location of the second half, which apparently lies "in the midst of he that fears death and darkness". ?

After that, they have to find this legendary prophet, who can repair the sword.

And after THAT, they have to infiltrate the mystics' lair (which you know is going to be crawling with all sorts of nasties) and have a fight to the death with a man who posseses enough power to make the entire mystic race bow down to him in fear.

...Sounds like a piece of cake.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/25/2006 c36 the-ear-that-isn't-there
o, Magus' history! Excellent! I love explanations and life stories and the like.

Another good chapter, rather...unnecessary (damn, i've forgotten how to spell that word again) but it was still interesting. I'm trying to work out where your going relationship wise but i figure i'll just have to wait.

Looking forward to ur upcoming chapters!
1/23/2006 c36 Acidandstuff
Good update, though slow. But you need only some simple dialogue for plot development sometimes. Love the passages. "Lion's Fang", cool! How'd you think that up? I want to hear the rest of the king's tale. And you seem to be heading in this direction, but have Toma find the sword's 'Melchior' inscription. Please try to make Masa and Mune really wise acting.
1/23/2006 c36 9Kit Thespian
That's okay. This is still the greatest fanfic ever. Can't wait to hear your background on Magus. I'm surprised that they know he's human. I mean, he's humanoid when you look at him, but I always thought that the people in the Middle Ages assumed that he was merely a human-like mystic. Did they even KNOW what he looked like in the game, unless Frog told them?

Anyway, I digress. You're still going to make Magus not-all-bad, aren't you? That would make me so happy!

Poor Lucca. The girl needs to get over it. You're not going to make this a Lucca/Crono, are you? NO! Keep the Crono/Marle in and put Lucca with M...ahem, whoever you want. He he... (sweatdrop)
1/22/2006 c36 3Nova Flame
Actually, it's nice to see some filler occasionally. During the game, they just jumped from one point to another and there wasn't any real motivation behind it. That's kind of how it is with most RPG's unfortunately. They don't take time to develope the plot.

Isn't time travel interesting, though? In one sense, you can understand Crono's feelings about changing the past, so to speak. But in the game everything is still as it was. There is no real indication that they were ever involved. Which brings up the question, did their actions actually change anything at all? What if it's the chicken and the egg riddle? Which action began the circle? Theoretically, Magus would've have to have been stopped by some other force for there to be a future where the crew would be thrown back in time to help. But if the time stream was all set down in stone, it could be posed to reason that Crono and the gang went back in time, saved the world and no one would be the wiser. It's kind of hard to explain the line of thought I'm having, but that's about the gist of it. Maybe I'm thinking too much into it? :)

The other possibility with time travel is each choice makes a new alternate universe, which may or may not intersect at a certain point in time. Granted, this may not be the time to speculate on these theories, but I think they may have the potential to shape the story further if you give thought to them. If you went back in time to fix a mistake that was made, what would cause you to go back in time after it was fixed? The future from that point would be changed, meaning your current self would have no reason to go back in time. Therefore, you're faced with a dilemna. What happens to the future self that went back in time to begin with? Do you just not exist? I don't think so. I think that you would return to your own time, but the consequences of the mistake would still be there. A different future would unfold with the other possibility, but you would either never know what might have been or you would be thrown into a deeper despondency because you regret your mistake even more now.

That's just a lot of the theoretical mumbo-jumbo that goes through my head from time to time and I thought it was fitting to bring it out here. I know it didn't really have to do with the story, but in another sense it makes you think about how the time stream really should've worked in the game and if they were correct or not. They also mentioned a Higher Power during one of the scenes, and although there's also the religious aspects of time travel, I'm not going to get into that here. I think I've said enough.

Anyway, great story. Keep up the good work and I await you next chapter.
1/22/2006 c36 Professional Freeloader
I can't wait to see what approach the King will take to Magus' history.
1/22/2006 c36 Dormantly banjkazfan
I like it! Please keep writing! :)
1/15/2006 c35 the-ear-that-isn't-there
Is it wrong for me to say i love you. Yes? Ok then, i'll profess my love for your story instead.

That was a great, beautiful, perfect chapter to fit inbetween all the others. After all, our protaganists here are human and they do feel stuff just like everyone else. Having Crono break down with Lucca is a brilliant move. It hilights just how close the are or were. It shows that Crono isnt perfect and that he feels so much. It also shows Lucca's caring for him; while the others don't worry and say "leave it to the morning", it is steadfast, depenable Lucca who goes to make sure he hasnt drowned himself in the bath tub. Im not usually a Lucca fan, but i love ur interpretation of her.

I also like the more ritualistic side of the Lavos summoning. That whole thing in which you (a.k.a Magus) spoke of blood and pain and how Lavos feeds upon them was a good insert.

So, is Magus going to use our heroes powers to fuel Lavos' awakening? Or am i just batting at empty air here. If so, i must say, we think very similarly, much the same idea occured to me...of corse, i still havent written out the first chapter of my version yet...:(

Are you going to give Toma a big part in this. I recon you should. He's a very usful character to have around. Small peices of information that may need to be explained can weedle their way into the story through him, plus, since he's an explorer and all, he would know the land well while Crono and co. wouldn't. (after all, the land changes a lot over time, particularly when said time is 400 years).

Anyway, thats just a request/possiblity, you don't have to pay any attention what so ever to me (which may be wise). Great interlude. Looking forward to the next chapter.

1/10/2006 c35 12hhgbh
Sorry for the late review. Man! Well, this had to come up sooner or later. You can't go messing around with time all willy-nilly and not expect there to be consequences.

So, what now? Chrono still wants to stop Lavos but, in doing so, he may cause untold damage to his own time. What a predicament.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
12/31/2005 c35 9Kit Thespian
Aww...Poor Crono. Yep, Crono would be the one to think of such a thing at such a time as this. But I'm sure Alwyn's all right. At least, I hope he is. Crono will probably come around eventually.

I liked the inner conversation that Lucca had. Reminds me of me, tee hee.

Good scene with Magus punishing Ozzie. Magus is such a smart villain. Of course, you said he wasn't going to be ALL bad, right? Now it's yet another chapter closer to the showdown at Magus' castle. Yay!
12/31/2005 c35 Acidandstuff
Cool. A good point is made. Crono is human after all. I would have lost it sooner.
12/31/2005 c35 Professional Freeloader
Huh. Didn't think about that.
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