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2/15/2005 c15 15Gibson18
I just want to let you in on the plot a little; if you want it to be surprised, just skip ahead Kit! I am going to make it so that Crono frees himself, but he is saved by Lucca. Also, I am pretty sure that anyone who is reading this story might wonder if I will kill Magus or let him live. I'm going to let the reader decide! I know it sounds cheesy, but to whoever reads my story and leaves a critique, they can just write that they want him to live or die and I'll follow through according to the majority! However, I think that Kit is my only faithful reader. Thanks for your support Kit!
2/15/2005 c15 9Kit Thespian
This...was...a great chapter... I am awed. That dirty fake chancellor, pulling up Crono's personal life like that. And the King...what can I say? The dude's a moronic jerk who needs to get a grip on reality. There's a good king who knows where is authority lies and needs to be wielded, and then there's a bad King who thinks he is wielding his authority with wisdom...Hey, that was pretty good! Anyway, I like the last part. Now the only question is: Is Crono gonna bust himself out, or will Lucca? O.O
2/12/2005 c14 Kit Thespian
Your king is so shrewd...Which is actually pretty good because most kings in a medieval setting have to behave that way to ensure that they keep their crown on their heads. Of course, King Guardia does not realize that by being "shrewd" he is actually being quite foolish, and selfish.

I love the prison scene between Crono and Marle, it was a nice touch. So, is Lucca gonna spring him out or is Crono gonna break out himself? I know, I'm jumping ahead here.

Darn that lawyer Pierre! I kind of liked him in the game but not I think he's a jerk! GR!
2/9/2005 c13 Kit Thespian
Eek! Crono's in trouble! How's the trial gonna turn out...? I love the trial! I love the trial music! ('Course you're not going to have the music, but your descriptions will more than make up for it.)

This could get hairy...
2/8/2005 c13 Dormantly banjkazfan
*dances* you reviewed my stories! thank you so much! I see what you mean now...*gazes again at stories* drat! I should've thought about that, but I get excited and want to cut to the chase sometimes, but you are right about what you said. Thank you; you are the first pleasant reviewer I've had in a while!
2/4/2005 c11 Dormantly banjkazfan
^_^ hee. I'm so glad you wrote about Frog! He's my favorite! You can read one of my fanfics if you want...prefferably the C.T. ones...the others are awful...

Crono: *busy posting my awful stories on other sites*

Me: -_-+
2/4/2005 c12 15Gibson18
Kit, you are one sharp person! That's correct. The mystic that he helped will be the one in Medina.
2/4/2005 c12 9Kit Thespian
::blushes, again:: You recommended my other story! Thank you! Thank you!

Yay! I'm so excited for the King and Queen, what with the baby and all. Poor Frog. Seems like he's got more issues than Lucca. These two are tortured.

Oh, I have a guess. The mystic that Crono helped around town is going to be the one whose house they fall in in Medina? That'd be cool!

Just one more chapter closer to Robo, Ayla, and... wait for it...MAGUS!
2/3/2005 c11 Kit Thespian
Aw...You made the King and Queen so cute... But poor Frog, the guy needs a hug!

By the way, in England, when a woman gets knighted, they are addressed as "Dame" so it would be Dame Lucca Ashtear. Of course, being the brilliant and insightful person you are you probably already know that.

I hope Lucca gets over Crono. They are not right for each other, I don't think. She's terribly insecure, the type of girl who could go insane if she's not careful.

Anyway, get another chappie on soon!
1/31/2005 c10 Kit Thespian
Whoa... That was so awesome! The battle scene was wonderfully detailed, and you've still got Frog's old English down pat! It's a shame you didn't get Magus' statue in. Ah well. Maybe they could find it later, or just see it again in Medina. The description of the mystics' feast was horrifying to say the least. Yuck! But I'm glad the nuns got away.

Nice idea to give Lucca a crossbow instead of a gun. It's more realistic. Update soon! Can't wait until you get to the future, and Belthasar, and Robo. And then, maybe in a few chappies, after Ayla...MAGUS!

I will wait patiently (maybe) until your next installment.
1/28/2005 c9 Iris Cal
This is a masterfully written piece of work, on a level of skill that I hope to one day reach. The errors in your work are very few and far inbetween. I loved Chrono Trigger, and cannot wait for the next installment of this fiction.
1/22/2005 c9 Kit Thespian
::blushes:: Wow! I've never had another author advertise my work before! Thank you!

Frog is great. You've got the old English down pretty well (aside from the lines in the game). The "Jumping down from the ceiling" rocked. And he's so noble! I like him!

You made the nuns a lot spookier than they are in the game. They were pretty obvious to me because I know what's really happening, but to Crono and Lucca, at first things would seem odd but not dangerous. It's a good thing they went looking for the Queen or they would have been dinner! Eek!
1/21/2005 c8 Kit Thespian
I loved this chapter, as usual. Poor Lucca. I think your analysis of the way that she thinks was very deep and very accurate. Lucca strikes me as the type that if she were hiding something like that, she wouldn't be very open about it easily.

But we can't let her be lonely (gets evil smirk) Set her up with someone else later down the road. ::COUGHS:: magus...
1/20/2005 c8 Rage Colewell
You think this chapter needs more rewrites? I think it's near-perfect. Reading your story is a highlight of my day. I can imagine that this story will end up being extremely long, but keep up with it, because it's the best!
1/15/2005 c4 Kit Thespian
To those who are reading the reviews to see if this is a good story, IT IS! READ IT! IT'S LIKE A NOVEL, WITH WONDERFUL DETAIL AND REALISTIC DESCRIPTIONS! READ IT! READ IT! READ IT!
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