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11/25/2016 c12 Guest
Not bad, but way too Hermione biased...
11/25/2016 c11 Guest
This is so funny!... As I supposed, the fic is totally biased... When Ron is jealous about Krum, Ron is dumb and all is his fault: poor Hermione!... But, when is Hermione the one to be ridiculously jealous about Fleur, then Ron fell guilty and its Ron fault... poor Hermione, too... He, he... Way too Hermione idol worship...
11/25/2016 c10 Guest
I hope, now we will see how Hermione is as jealous as Ron, and how she will be reprimanded for it...
11/25/2016 c7 Guest
The fic is not bad, but it uses the old super used cliches... It's funny see how all fics show Ron irrationally jealous, when Hermione is as the jealous as Ron, if not more... And obviously much more vindictive and spiteful...
12/20/2005 c3 10handmedownrobes
hey, really good beginning! but it was really hard to read. do you think you could go back and space it more? thanks!
1/28/2005 c12 5MmmMmmGood
Whew! My finals are finally over! I liked it. Ron acted different than in a lot of other stories (many times he is the one pushing, and Hermione is the one pulling away) so this was different. But Hermione was never one to let something stand in her way, and Ron was always putting things off. So I can totally see her going after him. I think that you could have had Ron explain more to Hermione why he was scared and what he was thinking to flesh them out a little more, which would make them getting together seem less abrupt. It was good, though!
1/25/2005 c12 dancerrdw
aw i loved this chapter hope u update soon
1/25/2005 c6 2dubtheeunforgiven
please improve on the grammatical errors and punctuation
1/24/2005 c11 5MmmMmmGood
w00t, more chapters! I was away for a week, and there were 3 new ones! Now I am waiting for Ron and Hermione to get together, though it just doesn't seem like the right time. I thought it was interesting to make Hydiki a werewolf, and gives a little lovey side note about her and Lupin, and then also about Charlie and Tonks. So intersting, and fun!
1/24/2005 c11 dancerrdw
this was cool i liked it
1/21/2005 c10 Indigo-Twin
Wow! I loved your story. I'm also an author on fan fiction. It's called New World in InuYasha. I'm also writing a Harry Potter/The Lord of the Rings/InuYasha crossover. I love the Ron and Hermione pairing and the Ginny and Harry parring. You should really update your story.
1/21/2005 c4 2dubtheeunforgiven
ur such a good writer! just improve on your spelling and gramatical errors and capitilization and stuff
1/21/2005 c1 dubtheeunforgiven
lot of errors i like the content though
1/21/2005 c10 dancerrdw
this was cool*sorry i have to go to school that is why so short
1/18/2005 c8 5MmmMmmGood
As he boiled the kettle Ron wondered if all women should come with health warnings, or just the one that was now sleeping in his bed.

I really liked that sentence. And, it is a good place to end, because when Harry comes over, I think it is time for him and Ronnie to talk, "Man to man". And of course, Ron will get embarassed, because he lo-oves Hermione! Mm, sleeping together! How deliciously innocent!
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