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4/7/2007 c20 LoveyDemond
ARA! you updated! I didn't check until now! YAY!*jumps around hyper* that was so cool!^^ I can't wait to read whats coming up next. I love the gender confused dinjii! Oh I hope poor lil 003 shows up again at least for a moment. Shes not important but the little owl is just so damn cute. Yay^^ Well good luck on the next chapter and hope to read it soon*squirms*^.^
4/5/2007 c20 penguin
Another great chapter! The twitching corpses and aborted babies have got to be the most disgusting things I have ever read about. But that's one of the many things I love about your story. ^_^ That and the lurvely MuTsu. It's going to be interesting to see what Tsuzuki does now after that phonecall! And what happens during the night. XD

Mucho love for you. You're awesome. *heart* I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Keep on writing! ^^
4/3/2007 c20 Filia
UPDATES! Thank you so much for more of DA! The good side of Muraki was really sweet...he reminded me a lot of Hisoka! I wonder what will happen if/when the two sides merge together once again. Can't wait to see what will happen between Muraki and Tsuzuki when Tsuzuki has to hunt him down next chapter ^^
4/2/2007 c20 chazmy
such a great chapter I loved every intense moment of it. and the alternate Muraki was amazing. it reminds me much of silent hill 4. I love it even more for that. such a big fan of both tsuzuki muraki and silent hill. love gory twisted things and Tsu/ Mur things too!^^

ohh and the moment tsuzuki seen himself through his sisters eyes that was one of the best takes on tsuzuki terrible past. so sad to view it from the others perspective.

and last but not least update so real so so I can get my dark Apaptition fix. { eye twitches} Yes that is what it is ok! I need my fix!{ Clears throat} oh and the Muraki and tsuzuki lemon too please

I can't wait to see what happens between Muraki and Tsuzuki in his house sense Muraki will be staying the night!{ Wink, Wink}
4/2/2007 c16 saraphita

WOW, I think I'm still shaking a little. XD That was amazing, it was gory without being trashy like a bad-teeny-slasher. It was done very elegantly *shivers*, you gave me chills. I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm that tsuzuki has finally made it out and I hope Watari is ok to! *huggles both tsuzuki & Watari protectively* Can't wait for Oriya to get back into the picture! And Muraki better keep a better "eye" on his guardian - I suggest he bathes with tsuzuki next time =b. As for you Napap *points finger at* make sure to take good care of yourself!*huggles* Thanks for the amazing updates! Can't wait to read more! Until next time!
4/2/2007 c20 6ViciousQuestionMark
yay! well well, it has to be said, the (*cough*yearlong*cough*) wait was certainly worth it! Horror, humour, and (hopefully) hot man lovin' all in one neat little package!
4/2/2007 c20 13Princess Sin
i was so excited when i found out

that you had chapter 20 up. and i loved

it. it was a bit gory but it wasn't as

bad as any of those 'jason' or freddy kruger


hey, are you going to show what happened

to watari after he ran out of the room? you

said that you would be doing muraki and oriya

in the next chapter. i was just wondering if

you were going to show him getting out in the

next chapter also? and will tsuzuki tell muraki

about meeting his innocent half in that other


and will you answer those question about watari?

what baby did he have? i hope you answer them because

i am dying to find out all the answers.
4/1/2007 c20 90Sueona
I love this story. It gets so great as the story continues. Oh, I love how you explained what happened in Tsuzuki's past. The young Kazutaka was great. Stupid Tatsumi for stating that it will be time to kill Muraki. *Sticks tongue at Tatsumi* *Sighs* Please let Muraki and Tsuzuki have some lemon soon. *Looks to Watari* I hope you get some lemon from Oriya too, Watari. *Hugs all members but Tatsumi*
4/1/2007 c19 Metal-Bubble
oh its so interesting! The thought of the warehouse scene is just horrible with all those skinned bodies...*shudder* so creepy. All of your scenes are so descriptive that they're easy to imagine which is really great but bad because everything was so scary. That code rocked by the way its like something you'd find in a room escape game. Just two things - When Watari and Tsuzuki are figurring out the right numbers and features they say 1&2 are the eyes but its meant to be 1&3 and 4&6 are meant to be the ears and not the cheekbones right?
4/1/2007 c20 sseattle
I am so glad you haven't dropped this story - all those months I looked in vain for updates were so depresing. This is definately one of my all time favorite stories. Congratulations on your new job and I will keep looking for more Dark Adaptation. You are a very gifted writer!
4/1/2007 c20 2LadyMoonveil
O.O wow this chapter was really really scary. The other side of Muraki was very interesting! Can't wait to see what will happen when Hisoka and Tsuzuki has to find him.

Poor Watari! T.T Throwing up yucky black globs must feel terrible. Congrats on being fully employed! And yay for the coming lemons~ XD

Thought that stood out the most while reading this chapter: Mitkiel has serious problems .

Update soon~
4/1/2007 c20 42Jollyolly
Plot just gets thicker and thicker...

So gory and intense, couldn't put it down..and Muraki's "good" self! So sweet! Will they merge, I wonder?

Terrific as always! So glad you're continuing this awesome fic!^^
4/1/2007 c20 3Akai Apple
Wow, NaPap. You remember my offer for OriTari? Well, fine, I'll write you some! (I'm Jess Hughes, by the way. That was before I had an account/pen name.) So, I'll try and come up with something. I haven't read this chapter yet, but I saw Muraki's name... Yipee! And it seems Watari is in some sort of agony. But anyway, I must read it. I shall review this chapter when I review the next one! Love you! (hugs Tsuzuki back in an overly ass-kissing way) Love you too! Good luck Oriya, Watari, Muraki! Tsuzuki!
4/1/2007 c20 22TurboFerret
I`m astoundes, I `ve read this all up to this point and am more than happy to learns wha would happen next.
4/1/2007 c20 silver
aw muraki is so sweet! Bless. anywho thanx for updating, hugs and kisses
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