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6/10/2010 c32 WItchy Willow
Long time - no see/review!

My, my I love the "new and improved chapters" but I want new ones too! Can I bribe you with a cookie? Oh wow where to begin. I just adore this novel. Everything is so beautifully described and flows. I hate waiting so long between chapters but once you update it was always worth the wait. (Says the girl to took forever to review.)

The update, chapter 32/6, is great. I had to go back and reread the entire thing - which is why it took this long to post a review. Plus, I wanted to see what new additions you made with the 2009 update. I haven't been able to get around to reading fanfics for a year! I love Bana so I'm glad he's become a more involved character. (I'm still sad for Yutaka - how mean was that?)
5/21/2010 c30 11Yami Otaku

Only have two more chapters left and i want more...

Oriya and Watari are such a cute couple! I never really considered them being couple until i read this, but now i like them even more than i like Mur/Tsu! *SHOT, BRICK'D AND TOMATO'D BY THE MUR/TSU FANGIRLS*

I totally love how you have conversations with the main characters in the beginning and end of some chapters. It's really funny!

2/28/2010 c32 Qwertzu
omg, took me days to read through all of this but this is f*cking AMAZING! and no OOC for the most part... I´m seriously in love with this story, please update soon! *hearteyes*
2/13/2010 c32 4ginsGirl
Ok just finished the whole story and even shared it with my fiancee, who is a professional,published writer.(as I've said before, no I won't say who. It's a shameless plug and I'm not doing that. It's tasteless. If he wants to email you then he will, but lets just say if you like vampire stories, you probably know him. 'nough said) He was intrigued and said you should consider a career in writing. I agree and I'm sure I'm not alone. Good luck and keep up the good work.
2/12/2010 c6 ginsGirl
This is a very good story! I was eager to see what happened next. I only watch the anime. I've never read the manga but you have managed a very delicate balance between angst and suspence and it kept my attenntion the whole way through without excessive wordiness or wandering from the main plot. Really, you should give some thought to writing your own original story. You are that good. I especially liked the background on Maraki as to why he is a murderer and the swx scenes were very hot without being too graphic. I really enjoyed this one and I'm going to read more of you stories. Bravo! Well done! I also liked the fact that you didn't take the characters OOC, or at least not too far. As the comic Bill Engval says (sp?) they were 15 degrees of center. You have an amazing talent!
12/20/2009 c32 Firiat
It's so wonderful to see this finally updated! Everything is always so wonderful and vivid in your writings, and this chapter certainly isn't an exception! And I do love the way you write the horror scenes (though I'm still so scared ^_^")
12/17/2009 c32 whatname
It's so great to see an update again! Unfortunately I couldn't review earlier b/c of finals, but I really enjoyed this update. I just wish I'd read your note before starting-that was a little confusing. Overall, I thought this was a great addition to the story, and it definitely helped to tie some plot threads together. The gory details from the end were a little much for me (not a silent hill fan), but I liked the bar scene and getting a better picture of the supernatural world. Tsu/Wat' was definitely a highlight, who would've thought Tsu had it in him.
12/11/2009 c32 10ViolentRoses
Hey hon, hugs

I am only half way through this chapter but I couldn't help but stop to write you up a review! *words just seem to be flowing through my mind at what I want to say and I can't wait.* so impatient I am really)

First off, I LOVE you! You made my day( and it was very shitty before hand, mind) when I seen this update for DA in my email. I unhooked my phone and settled in with a full pot of coffee and a glass of wine just so I could not be interrupted while reading( of course I had to go to bed at some point but you get the picture ^^) I just got to the room scene with Watari and the mirror when I realized it was past 4 am my time. I only had two hour to sleep and get to work I am reading the rest today and since my weekend is free, I am vegging out and taking in the full experience of DA from chapter 1 till the end of the newly updated chapter 6. I am calling it my DA weekend!

Anywho, on with the review. I simply adore Ichibana and Orias, along with all the other mild characters you threw into this chapter ( Voldur is LOVE!) and the clever man reminds so much of the hatchet men in Clocktower 3, but more creepy which is always a plus ;) Can I say that dance Tsu and Watari did would have me flushing and drinking just as hard as Tatsumi was XD I can only imagine how many guys and gales were swooning after that number :P. I love your interpretation of the nightlife of the underworld. As I have told you before, it is the attention to detail and the elaborate description that draws readers into your story. Only I find that you, unlike most authors have went above and beyond the masters of great story telling, moving up to a level where the story not only gives it's reader an experience of a lifetime but becomes a memorable treasure. This story has everything to quench a starving readers mind(Like me because I need my good reading fix, so like a junkie I am) But this story does not only satisfy the YnM crowd but any reader that comes across it. Of how well the story is played out from chapter to chapter any reader can come into it and get a real feel for each of the characters without having to ever read YnM to begin with. This is how well developed your story is. Now onto reading the rest.
12/11/2009 c32 37demonlifehealer
This was just a sad chapter all around. As per usual the deatil to the passing images were realstically amazing. I would like t learn to write like that. While reading it you get the distinct feeling of being in the decaying hospital. The speeches that Orias said to Watari when he was trying to have painful sex to get him back up was great, and truthful. Is Orias being blackmailed by someone to dump Ichibana? They seemed like such a good couple and I don't want to see them not be together. That would be like a crime! The whole stripper that they ordered for Terazuma part was great. I was laughing the whole time! Tatsumi probably just wanted to go to sleep especially after that orgasmic display Tsuzuki and Watari were putting on. Lol! Watari's right though if a person doesn't have the guts to tell the person how they feel then they don't deserve to get the person they want. I read a book called "Love colors" (look it up) and decided to see what Tsuzuki was. He seemed to match the blue better that anyone but I can't help but think that Tatsumi wouldn't make Tsuzuki happy. Tsuzuki needs someone like Muraki to keep things interesting!

Speaking of Muraki will we be seeing him anytime soon? Your explanations of demons and vampires really do seem believable, but what is a "Merger demon", and you say that Ichibana has had many patrons, so now that Orias has broken up with Ichibana is Vogel going to try and get a date? Beautiful speeches and beautiful writing. I just can't wait for the next chapter!
9/9/2009 c28 12Ryuuzaki-kun
*Rolling on ground frothing by the mouth* MURAKI!

BEST.TWIST.EVER. Usually I wait till the end to make a complete review but HOLY...! Best twist I have ever witnessed in all stories I have ever read or watched! Here I was, thinking Tatsumi would be off screen most of the time and that some demon would come attack Muraki. And then...

WHAM! Your fic slapped my across the face and WHAM! I fell to the floor frothing at the epicness of this twist! Absolutely love it!
9/6/2009 c31 2Aika Kyoraku
Oh my gosh. I can't believe I actually got to the last chapter... This is so incredibly well written. Ah the joys of many well written lemons.

I officially love Watari/Oriya.

I love Muraki/Tsuzuki even more now.

Tell me if you ever write a book on your own. I will try to be your first buyer.

...If I have money...


I thouroughly enjoyed this read. Keep it up and get better!

By the way, I love your conversations with the characters in the beggining of each chapter. I don't know how you make Muraki so adorable.

Keep up the good work! Update as soon as you can.
9/3/2009 c6 10ViolentRoses
I am in great anticipation for part 2 of chapter six. Even though there was not much change in this chapter I still enjoyed what little you added to the ending. So informative, and aww Tsu 3 ( I just want to hug that cute purple eyed shinigami)

Hey you! :D I just wanted to say that the new revised versions of DA are phenomenal! It explains a lot in detail of what is going on and also leaves a new sense of ~what is gonna happen next~ feeling in the pit of your stomach.
8/31/2009 c1 darkangellove

8/23/2009 c1 Quinnpin
I love Dark Adaptation it rocks my world!

How can you make it any better, just how? I don't know but you did.

This is my drug addiction so feed me ;P
8/14/2009 c20 2Dovasar
Greetings Hickock! I come in peace!XD

I am so happy to know that you are feeling better now and I am looking forward to the next chapter.I simply just want to inform you that I made a pencil sketch of Tsuzuki giving a kiss to Kazu-chan.It didnt come out as accurate as I wanted in the chapter, but I am deeply proud of it and I hope you are too :). http:/dovasar./art/DA-TsuzukiXKazutaka-for-Hikock-1392971

I also have a huge urge to recommend a novel that I am sure you will like and maybe give you some inspiration( if you hadnt read it already )The book is called The Kite Runner and it is such a great story that it ( i might get killed for this) makes the twilight books so blan and boring.There is also a movie of it but i dont recommend it too much.
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