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1/13/2005 c2 murakislavegirl
First of all, I wanted to congratulate you for such an excellent story you have here. It was an engrossing fic to read, something I haven't seen in awhile in the Yami category (well except maybe for a few ones that I will no longer mention). I absolutely adore the plot and the pairings. I'm a Mu/Tsu fan all the way and I've also thought about Oriya/Watari too but I didn't think anyone would have the guts the write them. Glad to know I'm wrong most of the time. The young Kazu rape scene was appalling and yet I couldn't deny that it was also a bit erotic. Yeah, yeah, I must be as sick as Saki.*_* Or maybe you’re just really good! I can definitely see the promise that is in your writing. You have a compelling plot and I love that you tell the story in each character's POV. Although it's not entirely a new makes for a more engrossing read. However, as much as I love your might wanna consider a beta reader or at least a proof reader to correct some minor typos. I just noticed that you keep using the word "then" when you should be using "than". And it's Mibu Oriya not Nibu Oriya. Of course, it might've been just a typo. I’m not sure so I feel like pointing it out to you. But other than that, this is a remarkable story that I'll surely be watching for.:) Good luck to your next chapter!
1/11/2005 c1 5Eternal-Darkness2
I assure you my dear, you are NOT wasting your time. It's very hard to find descent Tsuzuki/Muraki fics out there and considering this whole TsuzukixHisoka deal, us Muraki/Tsuzuki fans are almost an endangered species.

This is a wonderful first chapter and your descriptions are vivid and quite funny. I loved Watari in this and Muraki was lovable. Isn't he always? Kudos to you for keeping them all in character...please update soon though. I'd love to see the second chapter :D


1/9/2005 c1 AccountKiller173
I love MuxTsu and this looks to be a really good story ^^ I hope you'll continue it.
1/5/2005 c1 42Jollyolly
Let me be one of those five positive reviews since I really want you to continue writing this series..! I like your style and descriptive passages and am a big fan of MurXTsu please continue!
1/1/2005 c1 DANIELLE
FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING KEEP WRITING THIS STORY!I love the watari/Oriya pairing. Please write about how they got together. I'll be waiting.
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