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8/6/2009 c31 amoreuse
I have to say that this has been so far the best Yami no Matsuei fanfic I've ever read :3 I love your writing style, and especially the richness of the language - I have to admit that, as a non-native English speaker, I have learned a couple of words from you ^^ You make the story really realistic and have managed to stay true to the original plot and characters. Oriya and Watari work really great together, even though I was first little doubtful of the whole pairing :D

What I really like about your writing is especially Muraki and Tsuzuki and the relationship they have managed to form. Being a total Muraki fangirl (gosh, the amount of money I've put on YnM ^^;;) I was more than delighted when I stumbled upon your fic; you do remember that Muraki is a killer and certainly not fully sane and thus you haven't turned him into the "oh no, Asato-chan, I'm going to turn a new leaf in my life and be a good boy" -man that I greatly dislike. You haven't also forgotten his sex appeal which is subtle and yet passionate, sometimes brute. This is one the reasons why your story works: you never tried to turn Muraki into goodie-goodie boy and yet you understand that even he wasn't evil to begin with. Your Muraki is the same Muraki that I fell in love to begin with.

You also have written Tsuzuki greatly. Yet again, you remember that he is fragile but also goofy- Most importantly, you never forgot his being the most powerful shinigami on earth. That is sadly a fact many writers choose to overlook.

I also love that you teased us readers with prolonging the actual sex scene between Muraki and Tsuzuki so long :D It made the relationship between them feel realistic. Overall very enjoyable ^^

Lastly, I would like to say you have created a very fine plot :3 The most important thing in a story, I have to admit :D And I love long chapters 3 I hope you'll update soon!
7/30/2009 c1 Palepo
You simply must write more. Not doing so would be an insult to your talent.
7/28/2009 c31 Flonne
WOW! This has to be the BEST DoD I've ever read! I have the attention span of a fly, so I drift from fandom to fandom really often and quickly. The last time I've been so addicted to this series was 4 years ago, but after reading this, I'm a fan again. Never read a O/W fic before, so that's something new for me. As for M/T, I've been a fan of them for quite a while.

Sneaked around the review page, and found that I have a similar interest as Yuki.

My iPod is filled up with playlists for different fandoms. I'd like to recommand 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite. With its references to the moon, it really reminds me of this fic.

I'll be back for more, so update soon pretty please!
7/14/2009 c1 LAZY
Muraki and Tsuzuki in a bar!

Those two are sex on legs. Post soon pretty please *smiles*
7/13/2009 c31 2LadyMoonveil
You won't believe how relieved I am to find that you're back! I was getting really, really worried there for a while! So glad you're not giving up on DA, it just seems like such a waste after you've made so much effort on this fic.

I finally got off my lazy butt to submit a review for this chapter X.x The lemon made me nosebleed all over my keyboard. Tsuzuki can be such a vixen! He probably can't tell since I always cheer for Muraki, but I really admire how he saved his first time for someone special. (Call me traditional, but I applaud him for it.) My favourite part of this chapter is probably when the Demons revealed that those gruesome creatures are actually created from the dark feelings and thoughts buried in Tsuzuki's mind. The appearance of those creatures make so much more sense now, and carries greater impact now that I know they they look that way for a reason. Looking forward to the next chapter, it's getting to such an exciting point in the story.

I've been going back to read the edited chapters too. Is the whole story getting revamped? Or is it just the first few chapters?

Also, if I remember correctly you mentioned in one of the previous chapters that you'll be putting up the version of DA with reviewer responses on your website? I really loved reading those things, especially since they're so lighthearted after a intense chapter. (Or maybe I just liked seeing the characters acting silly and/or stupid XD) Do you have the website up yet? I would love to have the link!

In other news, I actually made a playlist of songs that reminded me of DA in some way, so I thought I'd share it with you. I love the songs/poems you add to the beginning/end of each chapter. They really fit the story so well, and I thought that you may enjoy some of the following:

The Dance - Charlotte Martin

Careful What You Wish For - We Fell To Earth (I finally found the name of this CSI song I mentioned in an earlier review~)

Silence - Delerium ft. Sarah McLachlan (the original version, not one of the dance mixes)

Sadeness (Part I) - Enigma

Sweet Surrender - Sarah McLachlan

In The Sun - Joseph Arthur

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap

Viva La Vida - Coldplay

How To Save A Life - The Fray

Falling Slowly - The Frames

Disturbia - Rihanna

Blurry - Puddle Of Mudd

The Night Has A Thousand Eyes - Jennifer Connelly/Anita Kelsey

Somnus - ? (Yoko Shimomura)

Abandon (Opening Titles) - Clint Mansell ft. Katie Holmes

Black Black Heart - David Usher ft. Julia Galios

I'm Still Here - Johnny Rzeznik

Dare You To Move - Switchfoot

Haha, I've probably taken up way too much of the review page (I hope you don't mind!), so I'll stop here. DA is the only YnM fanfiction I'm reading now, so keep up the excellent work Hickok! I'll be eagerly awaiting any edits and/or updates!
7/13/2009 c6 happy readerdevoted fan
The new additions/changes are awesome.

Ichibana is gorgeous!

reading this story makes me so happy :P
6/28/2009 c28 Ethernet
This story is an inspiration to all, and such beautiful wording.

Are you a published author?
6/6/2009 c31 marwa
i really adore your story. i feel like reading a book, a real one which turned out to be my favourite. please submit the next chapter. i spent long time waiting. onegaishimass.
3/9/2009 c31 11Yamiro

Oh God, it took me almost one week to finish reading this story! It was worth every sleepless night! I love it! I hope you would update soon, Kami-sama :D
2/4/2009 c29 Witchy Willow
I've returned! Oh so tricky changing your name but I found you again. And whew do I have some catching up to do! I promise to leave a real review later (give me some time - dang girl you've been busy! Well ok I've been really out of it too.). I've missed your delightful story so very much! I can't wait to see what develops. I'm sure it is something else.
11/6/2008 c1 Astonished Reader
Absolutely phenomenal. You truly have a talent and gift for excellent narrative that even rival some of the great authors I've read. Keep up the good work it truly is a treasure.
8/31/2008 c31 10ViolentRoses
AH! another chapter * BIG CHEESE * I have waited so long for this and am very pleased with the outcome ^_^ anytime there is more um...pillow talk with Muraki and Tsuzuki ^_-.

I know my review is not as long as my other ones have been posting but there is so many things I want to say and not enough room to fit it all so you defiantly will be expecting an email real soon!

The plot deepens though and that is what I so love about this stories besides the sex gore and adventure of course. oh and I heard you were updating your previous chapters too! I so can't wait for the updates though that means I'm going to have to reprint all the chapters again. O.O
8/26/2008 c31 12asian9090
hehehe i love it tsuzuki needs to lighten up and muraki needs to take things a bit slower
8/24/2008 c4 3rowen raven
okay i'm not done reading just up to chap 4 but and i'll be honest i've only read chap 1 and 4, 2 and 3 i just looked quickly at them cuz what i like is watari you manage him so well and keep him so in character but beyond his genki silly facade. i love it, now that 've read this chap i think i'll go back and actually read the other two, may be. oh and what i wanted to say, apart of how awesome your take on watari is he makes me laugh a lot, that you are the first and only oerson who referst to 003 as a he, in every other fic i've read they call it a female, but i had always thought it was male so we agree, i'll keep reading and let you know how i like it. ja ne!
8/22/2008 c31 Tiffany
I loved this! Particularly the bath scene, but the rest of it too, though the plot seems to be getting more complicated now...poor Tsu...
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