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8/22/2008 c31 Arkticfox
Keep going ^-^
8/21/2008 c31 42Jollyolly
YAY! Thanks for updating and thanks, thanks, thanks, for the juicy lemon! Made my week, I must say.

Tsuzuki is just so willing now, so pliable in Muraki's capable hands. It does this body good that my favorites are at last in each other's arms and sweating together...sigh. I have so wished that the total story could be about just them, but, alas, you're fascination with Wat/Ori baffles this reader. I mean, they're okay and it does give me a bit of gooseflesh to read about their hair tangling amongst the sheets, but...well, dear, I LOVE MUR/TSU!

With that said, kudos again for satisfying this lusty gal and as always I look forward to the next chappie!

AND you rewrote previous chapters? OMG! I thought they were pretty great anyway...(dashes to the first chapter)
8/21/2008 c31 2lazy2login
Mwah! Another update! It feels as though we haven't heard from Muraki in a while, and his conver with Tsu in the bathtub was really sweet.

Poor Wat and Ichibana, it sounds like bad things in their future...:(

So PB is working for Mitkiel or what?
8/21/2008 c31 22TurboFerret
Yess -yess YESS - finally something worth reading amongst the heaps o` Tsusokaness! Thank goodness, otherwise I would have started flaming those unfortunate people.
8/21/2008 c31 6absent writer
AN UPDATE! And with Mur/Tsu in it! Tsu's growing up so fast...sniff...reverse cowboys and all. I'm actually kind of surprised that Watari didn't think of that.

Anyway, that was an interesting explanation of the source of Muraki's powers, though I'm having problems reconciling this new nicer version of Saki with the one from chappie 2.

Also...I thought that Yukitaka was the name of Muraki's father, not grandfather, ala the professor's line 'how could you spawn such a creature professor yukitaka!' But I'll have to go check.

So...the popo bawa is now the barron? And working for Mitkiel? I hope he doesn't catch up with Watari, I don't like the sounds of that "hovel". And right at the end...was he the one who apparently 'unleashed the plagues of hell' or whatever to sleep with Ichibana? I guess that virginity thing does matter after all...I wouldn't want to be Tsu right now (or would I?).
7/21/2008 c30 Arkticfox
best fanfiction i have ever read.

If it was published i would buy a copy.

Keep going ^-^
6/11/2008 c30 Miss Drooly
Next now please! I need an update so badly :(
6/9/2008 c30 2LadyMoonveil
Sorry for the late, late review! The first time I clicked this button, my computer froze on me. The second time, I managed to finish typing, and then my internet connection broke down. That kinda killed my brain for a while, so I decided to re-read the new chapters two and a half more times before I attempt a third try at getting this to work.

My congradulations to Muraki, he finally managed to capture Tsuzuki! *mental cheer* I'm so excited to find out where this new stage in their relationship will take them, and especially how Tsuzuki will deal with Tatsumi and gang after this. As always, can't wait to read the next chapter! (My computer sometimes stop me from posting a review as soon as I like. But rest assured I will keep reading until this is finished ^^)
4/23/2008 c29 basima
Random wapanese name choice...

cough cough

I know that song! I think there's a Mur/Tsu AMV to it somewhere, and it really suits this chapter pretty well...or at least the next chapter's content, which I'll be getting to later.

So, I'm thinking either the Count transformed into Enma or something, or that wasn't really the Count at all and it was just Enma all along (which means he's...naked?) Or they're really the same person...nah. The Count has short hair and Enma long (from the back, at least), and apparently in shojo manga that makes all the diff.

Poor Tatsumi...he must've been heartbroken. Not as literally as Muraki, of course. *Imagines the sceen substituting names...

Quite the embarrassing scene to be involved in for Wakaba, actually...
4/11/2008 c30 Dovasar
Yes!I had finally caught up with your fanfic.I loved the MurakiXTsuzuki lemon.It was written so beautifully.Don't be embarrased Tsuzuki-san,you should be proud.And stop crying Count,please,evrybody knows Tsuzuki-san is not meant for you.By the way,I made an MurakiXTsuzuki AMV on youtube with the song "All I want is You".My account is confusedfeelings23.I hope you can watch it and leave a comment if you can.It would make me really happy.

P.S.I also watch cooking channels upside down for the same reason,Saki XD
3/26/2008 c30 12asian9090
it took them a long time to finally fuck good story by the way update soon
3/9/2008 c30 6absent writer
Wah! That was so romantic!

Cough cough...anyway, sorry it took so long to review the second chapter, but I've been kinda busy lately (college stuff, blah...).

Anyway, I loved this! The scene with Tsuzuki waiting at the gate was so sad...that woman servant inside should go to hell.

Hm...I thought at first I wouldn't like it as much cuz it wouldn't be as...uh, extensive, as Or/Wat's scene was, but I definitely like this angle.

Poor Tatsumi, though...ah well, he has Wakaba.
2/20/2008 c30 justsimplymeagain
I must say that this is a very good story, long and well detailed. I like the idea you had when it comes to how the story is being told. I don't think i read any other fanfiction that has the story written in such a manner. Well done and quite complex when it comes to story line and characters. So what's gonna happen next lol. And what's gonna happen with Pandora/Saki? I honestly found myself not wanting to stop reading the chapters, and that seriously caused me to lose some sleep lol. Oh well, i'll catch up on sleep later. Anywho good story and can't wait to read more of it. So update soon...
2/20/2008 c30 22TurboFerret
I liked the eye spy with my little eye quote - made it look a bit playful - but I guess i could sy tha what comes slowly, comes good - it was a sweet chapter. Furthemore I liked Murakis` confession - the fact he lost it before Tsuzuki (when Tsu had his fit of I hate You, Go home)Although the scene itself was abit too long, well, at least to my eye.

Still, it was pleasure to read, as always.

Hope to see something posted in 3 months :D, before I leave for God only knows how long.
2/19/2008 c30 13Princess Sin
now this is what i was talking about. there's

nothing better than a good muraki/tsuzuki

love scene. oh well, not that tsuzuki's has

run away will watari also not return to

meifu? and now tht tsuzuki's cherry has

been plucked. what will this demon that's

lusting after tsuzuki do now? all tsuzuki's

powers are out of his rach now. unless there

will be some other way of gaining that power

like maybe killing his partner. which is

easier said than done. what will lord enma do now?

will he through tsuzuki in jail for deserting

his post. and what about the perverted count?

i just love the way the story flows.

your story is the best. i can't

wait to find out more about this mystery

concerning the four of them. and who was

it that had them captive in the first chapter?
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