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for Lonely Souls

6/21/2003 c2 Diamond Spectrum
your story's really good! ...but whats with all of the lines in the second chapter?
2/22/2003 c2 gracie too lazy to log in0
this is way too good to stop! rowen rules!
12/30/2002 c2 13Hiei449
omg great story please continue
2/21/2002 c2 1Firestorm
Um.. This is kind of hard to read with all those lines between the letters, and I really would like to read it... *frowns*
2/21/2002 c1 Firestorm
That was sweet of Rowen to help her. Where I come from, you don't see most teens helping an old lady. *frowns* And I don't wish to say what some teens here do them. Elderly people should be respected. Good fic so far.
1/27/2002 c2 galford340
I want to know what's in the package I'm on the edge I must know...
1/19/2002 c2 16Prosopopeia
wow, umm...what happened to the spaces in chap 2? but anyway, it was good! what did the package contain? i want to know!
12/20/2001 c2 BritainsRose
10/5/2001 c2 allison
oh god you suck! you need to finish whats in the package! _
10/3/2001 c2 12Anna-mathe
This is so sad . . . please continue with it - you can't tell us that Cye and Rowan meet and then never tell us how they meet! :)
4/16/2001 c2 Sol Armor aka Relena Peacecraft
I wanna read more, but the 2nd chapter is all messed up! I like it so far, though...
4/15/2001 c2 Lady Torrent
Hiya! This is pretty much my review for Chapter 1 and 2... I like it a lot so far, although the format for 2 was kinda weird... I liked it though. I want to know what Rowen got in his package. Keep up the good work, I'll keep looking! ^_^
4/15/2001 c2 Sabrina
Great story. when's the next part?
4/14/2001 c1 allison
you gotta write another chapter, i have a good guess what happened, and what was in the package, but i love the way you write, and you need to hurry and get a sequal!
4/3/2001 c2 10Kireina-Ame
I love where this is going and I think you did quite a wonderful job on getting Rowen-san's life right. Many people's take on his father is abusive, which he isn't, and that his mother doesn't care at all. She does but she's young and, like his father, married to her job. Very good and please write more!
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