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for Can Love Ever Exist?

3/11/2007 c7 14Nightshroud
Hey, I thought you said you updated? Oh well. You better soon or I'll throw myself overboard! Hahaha well hope to see and update soon. Later.
12/28/2006 c9 33Loubhin
wow! Update, soon, please! Pretty please? I wanna know if they sink Terror's ship! hehe, and I want to see more of Jack being immature, lol!
10/16/2006 c8 14Nightshroud
Hey, I love your story. It's awesome. You sure don't waste time getting to the point, lol. Can't wait to see what happens next. Later.
6/30/2006 c7 2pirategypsy
please put the new chapter on soon or i mit die of waiting
3/15/2006 c6 marta
please update I really like you fanfiction

keep up the good work
1/19/2005 c4 White Fox
This chapter is funny! It was good. Ha! I'd never think into puting Jack in dress! Ha!

Lol ^-^ (My smiley face! Don't take it you greedy hogs! Its mine I tell you! Mine all mine! Its my presious!)Just kidding! Great story!
1/6/2005 c4 Carmen1990
Me: Poor Jackie.


Me: Be quiet and drink your rum.

Jack: FINE!

Anywho, I laughed when you made him have to wear make up. Update soon!

Jack: Savvy?

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