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7/4 c25 Guest
I was thinking about this story recently, I remember reading it when you first posted it, did you ever get published or finish your workshop project?
8/15/2021 c24 Mirage
So rin learned that to try to defend other people like shippo is good...but stupid as she can't fight or got weapon...and it was stupid to send sesshomaru away...hope he reacts soon to the emergency red flags that he still did not see as put silent...
Will it be miroku he visits for repair?

Kouga I really do like. ...when not so pushy and deaf. ...but here you want to slap him...but he got told a good lesson...

Inuyasha really needs a stronger bigger working body...

Kagome slowly learns to think and not shriek or run or do stupid things and learns that she needs protection and sometimes people she cates for need to do things she thinks dangerous...

Hope thy can do a mc gyver...or a team and find here some parts and there some and make a computer or something. ...or vuild inuyasha a bigger robotic body ... they not have this large vents in labs and big buildings crawl big for maintenance. .?
8/15/2021 c22 Mirage
Rin really is selfish and bitchy. ...and stupid...going out at night alone. young woman...
Alright so she did see naraku. ...

That means sesshomaru did a shady job and not looking if his victim is really gone ...
8/15/2021 c20 Mirage
See I really can't stand taicho...he is an ass.
And how he reacts to word bastard , it means it is his hurting point and good for attack ...maybe ...even when nit could mean he was with one parent who did not accept him as his illegitimate son...or was ridiculed by peers because without mother or father ...
Miroku is interesting -

but at least two of his minions are destroyed ...and sango should be safe with miroku - so the two girls get chance for rescue... even more so when miroku was the creator of this robotics body's ...and possible half one himself? So he could make inuyasha one like sesshomaru?
8/15/2021 c18 Mirage
Rin sounds a bit to selfish and stupid. ..that was hat she always dis say about shippo. ..I mean...yes would she have talked to a cop about the attacks at school. .or to a doctor there. ...then this mobbing in school would have been stopped sooner bevor shippo was hurt so bad...and to cry because sessgomaru dud say she is a chain ball for him...more or less...why...she is not his daughter and she always did snip at him and told him to get lost and she does not need protection. ..and when she learns that he does not want to protect her and does not know why his programming tells him too ..I can't understand this she is not his sibling or daughter. she did say he is a warroboter...not nanny...

And taicho. .I really can't stand this play stupid and be intelligent is alright. do sheeming is alright to...but to kidnap and hurt people is the wrong. Kougo...he put his first in the belly of a teen? Hello there are narcotics, some drops on some cloth and over face...or injection...less painful less sick. ..
8/14/2021 c15 Mirage
That was ...what an end for scheming naraku. he really gone...? What of inuyasha will he get a body like sesshomaru?
8/13/2021 c9 Mirage
Wow that was mean of Kagome. ...really...he is a lifelike Ai...who learns and adapts to why is he fake?...
8/13/2021 c8 Mirage
I really don't get her school. this a slum state school? Where are the teacher...why are there not students with brain and empathy. ..are they all children of murder and sickos? Just because she is Japanese ...does not mean anything ...or all this sick children there should attack each other for being strangers in a country. ..I mean are they native American. .?no .. then they are also the bad guys ...they attacked a country forced there native people and animal to near extinction. ...way more bad than japanese may ever have done...maybe they should also go back where there parents grandparents or such did come from. ...
That is just wrong...that nobody stops this sick kids ...and adults who act the same...she really should not get back to this school...there are many others or homeschooling
8/13/2021 c6 Mirage
I hope sesshomaru is so hyper intelligent and protective as normal ...naraku is a Bastard. .

And I also hope that sesshomaru was locked into the sound and video recording of this talk ...

And I think naraku did bite of to much and wanted a way to intelligent AI...and I do hope he could not copy the code ...or not the good he only still gets brainless not useful Ai.

Poor rin. ...such a useless bigot scool and teacher ...and adopted father.

But how will unleash gain a body like this?
8/13/2021 c3 Mirage
And now the big question can she pay all this ...or does he take money from taicho Corp. ...?

Also a big question I got... how can she be a hacker...hen she got a slow as snail Internet and PC. ..? I mean do they not upgrade there tools all the time and uptodate and super fast to get in and out without security catch g them can she do this on an slow one that he mother or grandfather can use...and why not say to her mother she needs fast Internet connection and PC for school and homework... ?

And how can they become an item...or is inuyasha a real person...
It will it be a kagome sesshomaru pairing to be -
3/31/2021 c25 Guest
hope u update us soon hun
1/20/2016 c25 SempreMia
This story has been amazing, and I've been thinking THE ENTIRE TIME that I've been reading it that you should re-work this story and try to get it published as an original work. I wish you had posted your real name or something here so that I could look up whether or not it had been published yet (Spoiler alert: If I find it, I'm buying it). Hopefully, since it's been 9 years since this author's note was published, it has been. From one writer to another, I hope your writing career is going well.
1/20/2016 c23 SempreMia
RIP Shippou :(
1/19/2016 c6 SempreMia
Loving this fic, however, I don't agree with gratuitous use of racial slurs to create controversy. It adds absolutely nothing to the story.
9/23/2015 c25 Akantia
Tis a shame this was never finished. Twas quite the enjoyable fic to read.
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