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9/30/2006 c3 29100-percent-Harry-Potter-obsessed
Hm...this is quite interesting. You've certainly caught my attention! Please continue soon!
5/7/2006 c3 Kagura-I am the Wind
Not too much of a Rita fan but great's quite interesting. :)
9/8/2005 c3 loklin
Hi,just wanted to say how much i like this fanfic,please write more i'm really exited for the rest.I was wondering how old you were (you dont have to say)i its just interesting to see the authors outlook.give me a holler lol

keep writing,

Locklin (pronounced Lock-lin,its actually spelled lachlan)
6/12/2005 c3 2you-don't-understand
Yeah, it really is interesting! I love it. This is like one of those stories you never imagine yourself reading, because no offence, but the concept's a little weird. Then you do read it, and you're like "coolness, what a great idea!" Then you put it on your favourites list and become a faithful and much loved (lol) reviewer.

So, I'm reviewing for a few purposes. You said after Summer with the... that you want to finish this before work begins on the sequel, and reviews will help you finish this. So here I am, a reviewer, and this story rocks.

I loved Morwenna, hilarious. You can see where Rita gets it all from. And it's a nice touch witht he animagus form, it's all been great actually.

Now, I hate to be the fault-picker-of-doom, I'd rather leave that to the people who report the stories and get them deleted. (I had a story deleted a few weeks ago, so I'm a little bitter. Spent ages on it!) But you put a (1) in brakets in this chapter, which I know from your other stories, and Serena van der Woodsen's, (I miss her series, I really do. But they're coming back! SQUEE!) that when you do that, it means you've taken a line from somewhere. Usually with you, it's a friends reference, lol. But you didn't say where it was from this time. Just thought I'd say.

So, yeah this stories been great, please update it.

Oh yeah, my other purpose for reviewing. I read your LJ the other day, because I've heard you talk about your book before, but never about the plot or anything. So I went to your homepage in the hopes of finding some info, and there it was! A summary, and an intro!

The story is going to be AMAZING! I loved the bit you put in. I really really really hope you get it published. It's such a clever idea, being the REAL story of Cinderella, but not. Brilliant. I read it, and stared at the screen for a few seconds, smiling in this idiotic way. I must of looked so stupid, but I was amazed. How old are you? You write so brilliantly. You can't be human, or a teengaer, at least. ARE YOU AN ALIEN SENT TO MAKE US ALL INFERIOR? lol.

You know, I think I'm turning into a bit of a fan girl for you. I love all your writing! Maybe I'll start the EFC, or something. (Elladora Fan Club) Update stuff soon please!


Sarah x :-)
4/2/2005 c3 164vanillafluffy
Should I ask what happens to her clothes? Do they transform with her, or are they lying on the floor of the locked stall?

But nits like that aside, I like it! I'm glad to see you're continuing with it.
2/19/2005 c2 vanillafluffy
Oh goody, somebody else who likes Rita. This looks like it could be interesting. I can hardly wait to see how she puts Morwenna's advice to the test.
1/27/2005 c2 The Noble Platypus
I like Morewenna! She reminds me of one of my roommates, hehehe. So wonderfully blunt.

By the way... I don't know if you've heard, but FFN deleted the original Mockfest. -_- Some vengeful Suethor must have reported it. If you want to read it, it's up on my fic LJ... there's a link on my bio.

Hehe, thanks for the compliments! And you're very welcome for reading your fics; they're awesome! And now I must be going, as I have class. Bah. :P

1/22/2005 c2 Harry Lvr
Wow, great chapter! Love Morwenna...and hate her too. She's a cool character, but as its all her fault that Harry goes through all that in GoF...die die! hehe...just kidding. I'm loving this story - you could take over from JK...and as usual, update soon!
1/21/2005 c2 p0pptartt
i like Morwenna! she seems like the exact person Rita Skeeker would look up to. great chapter! UPDATE SOON!
1/20/2005 c1 Harry Lvr
you're probably getting sick of me now *thinks* yep, i've reviewed every other story of urs (i was under a different name in one of them but it was still me!) but anyway, great story, update soon! I've never read a Rita one...I've never seen a Rita one for that matter, but this is really good! Skip the book and update update update!

PS: on second thoughts...don't skip the book, i still want to read it
1/17/2005 c1 16The Noble Platypus
You really should update this, methinks. Rita Skeeter is such an entertaining character, and I love your idea of exploring what made her the way she is. ^_^ Highly amusing!

And also, THANKS SO MUCH for all of your reviews for the Mockfest and the Sequel! I opened my e-mail and about had a heart attack, hahaha. So many! It was wonderful! :D And in case you were interested, I do have one Harry Potter fic in progress at the moment. Since you like humorous stuff, I'd love to hear what you think of it! ^_^


P.S. I'll be keeping an eye on this fic!
1/7/2005 c1 p0pptartt
good math. anyway, i like your story so far. I've never ead a fic about Rita Skeeter before. UPDATE SOON!

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