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10/23/2020 c1 drowning in procrastination
That last sentence... I have a friend who will join you. She prefers Percy Jackson anyway, but only the character Zoƫ Nightshade. She also thinks everyone else should die. If you love cats, I think the two of you will get along nicely!
5/17/2008 c1 41irishileana
*snorts* I don't know whether I love it or hate it, to be honest.

Although due to the whole raping Ginny thing, I'd change the rating to T.
1/9/2005 c1 36Nianko
IT'S GREAT! love it!The part of the new ways to kill Viktor Crum was hilarius.I intend to send a letter to JK Rowling also,but mine is about her stopping to be such a pain in her web site because it's hell to open the "fucking-door-that-never-ever-opens!"Well,very cool story!Buhbye

1/9/2005 c1 bleh
lol.. kinda funny... kinda disterbing 0_o
1/9/2005 c1 5bonnythebunny
u're weird... but i like ya. its funny how you can write everything so seriously when its really frickin'hlarious
1/9/2005 c1 81Taintless
That was extremely odd...

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