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for Harry Potter The Dark King

9/15/2011 c4 SadisticSinner
Oh do please continue and the exact spelling Crucio ;)
4/21/2011 c4 Me
Verrrrry cool. Update please! I think voldemort should send Harry to kill the weasleys and see what happens. That would be cool. :D
3/1/2011 c4 shidoni
r u ever going to continue the story? i like it
12/2/2010 c4 Amethy
Its CRUcio, not Curcio...
11/27/2010 c4 1Gildiril
Awesome and unusual. Can't wait for you to update again
10/6/2010 c4 Aedan
Ooooh, awesome story so far! Can't wait until you update it (I really hope that you do update it!)!
1/26/2010 c4 2ketsuekilover
i do so hope you update soon it was getting very interesting
11/24/2009 c4 Gerbalfluff
Wow. I love evil harry. Keep him evil he is so much cooler.
10/6/2009 c4 Dokusei
good story

lets hope you can keep it up and that you post a new chapter soon

give him a couple of slaves maybe tonks
9/27/2009 c4 2Space Odin
awesome story so far and i hope you give harry at least one female slave, it would just go along with the story. can't wait for next chapter
9/6/2009 c4 Tristan Blackdragon
hurry up and update the story
6/13/2009 c4 6Spinel Dragoon
i liked it
6/5/2009 c4 12Erisabeisuu
Please update soon or at least put a notice if you've abondoned it please.
2/25/2009 c4 1angeliccus
great chapter
2/17/2009 c4 Sourwolf88
love the story! update soon!
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