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5/23/2007 c2 your local dealer
Oh dear. The first chapter had such promise, and now I'm afraid I'm going to have to have a go at you, but there are some errors in your work that are so glaringly obvious that they drive my blood pressure up just seeing them!

“If that armour truly is Godric’s then it will give u abilities although that was only myth and no one knows if it was true, I’m sure you will find out in time”

"give U abilities?" "U?" This offence against the English language is quite frankly morally reprehensible. Writing "U" instead of "you" is atrocious authorship on your part. Have you never heard of a spellchecker? And for that matter, WHY IS THERE NO FULL STOPS AT THE END OF THAT SENTENCE? WHY?

I do hope that you will take steps to correct these errors; perhaps in future you could try running your writing through a spellchecker?
4/16/2007 c4 2Vincent Nightshade
This is really good... i really like it...

Lt Sgt Nightshade
12/9/2006 c4 2CharmedbyFire
woah... harry really is evil! i wana see where this goes! update soon please.

oh yea, and you better check that spelling and grammer. and just to be annoying you spelt "crucio" worng! hee hee!

bye for now!
11/28/2006 c4 4eurogirl14
awesome! hurry up and update!
11/28/2006 c2 eurogirl14
heeheehee... go harry! stump everyone you see!
11/27/2006 c4 7Katsy17
woah very good :)
10/10/2006 c1 Kircala
love ur story, ur on my favs. keep writing, ill catch up with ur story soon! ^^

10/2/2006 c4 PillowQueen
awesome chapter hope you update soon
9/22/2006 c4 murdrax
what a cool story i really enjoyed reading up on it and cant wait till your next chapter comes out!
8/20/2006 c4 2ranma hibiki
question! when harry was getting his stuff he also got what ever missalanious things he wanted to take with him...but what are 'bobs' book of bad spells?

well loved what you have posted so far, hope to see more soon
8/7/2006 c4 ciaossu'0
Part 4 was bloody awesome! I love the new harry! i also love the story so far! i hope harry's hair is long like up to his waist i think that'll make him a deadly sadistic evil powerful handsome guy lol and i wonder wat voldie thinks of harry's eyes (i like em gives him a demonic sence lol) i cant wait for the next part to come out! keep 'em coming! You rock! ^_^
7/26/2006 c4 3ladykind far its amazing...I want more!
7/9/2006 c4 13Olaf74
its great. please continue it!
6/17/2006 c4 Phantom Wolf Of The Shadows
this is an excellent story i really enjoyed what i read alot and i hope that you update soon
6/17/2006 c4 black shadow king
update u asshole bitch.
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