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for Trials of the lost

5/17/2015 c5 Guest
How old are the u 13?
4/6/2009 c17 1Vallavarayan
lolz- you seem to take a lot outta WOT- first the thing about sheathing the blade and then this bit about legends growing- i can distinctly remember reading the first b/w elayne and that queen who lusted after mat and the second at the end of one of the books...8th?
10/17/2008 c15 Rowie94
yo, you know that if it is an ice attack, it is hyouton, not suiton?
8/19/2008 c17 The Guy Who Writes
No other words to describe this other than utterly perfect in all areas except spelling. UTTERLY PERFECT U HEAR ME UTTERLY PERFECT!
8/5/2008 c1 Dark lady
I love the story, but FYI the hidden village of Sand is called Suna (or in full it would be called 'Sunagakure no Sato'= Hidden village in the sand) not Sauna. Sunagakure is located in the land of wind (Kaze no Kuni).

Konohagakure (Konoha) is located in the land of fire (Hi no Kuni).
7/17/2008 c15 3JayCheng
ok i would just like to point ou that suiton is water not fire
7/1/2008 c17 JayCheng
it was good but it was kinda confusing...
4/26/2008 c3 Anonymus
Adresing a girl wih the honorific kun is considered very rude
3/10/2008 c2 Rowie94
u DO realize that saying -kun after a name signifies them as a boy/man, and chan is young kids and females?( obviously not

(NARUTO: THAT BAKA! HINATA'S A GIRL U TEME, -KUN MEANS A GUY WHO U HAVE FRIENDLY OR AFFECTIONATE FEELINGS FOR!) yea, wat naruto said (u agree with me? thats a first!) shutup naruto, back in ur box (aaww, but its cramped in there) i dont care, get in or no ramen for u (NNO! NOT MY RAMEN! OK OK IM IN MY BOX!) good! now anyway DONT SAY HINATA-KUN! ITS HINATA-CHAN OR HINATA-HIME ( not sure exactly what the last one means but i know its good!
8/5/2007 c16 Dwagg
Ok, excuse me but...

DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU SO HARD! That was like fucking Hinata off when you interuppted Hinata from confessing twice!

It wasnt very Nice, lol.

I liked the child memory you had in the other chapter lol, it was so cute!
8/5/2007 c5 Dwagg
Hinata: You sir, are a pervert.

Me: (Under my breath) Naruto in black boxers

Naruto: Hey! Be nice to Hinata-chan

Me:(again under my breath) Hinata in a swimsuit

Naruto and Hinata: (Looking at each other) 'blush'

Me: Heh ;-D thats what I thought. Anyway on to the reviews.

7/7/2007 c15 2RakeeshJ4
Hrm. Well, I have to admit that while I've enjoyed reading this story, I was deeply disappointed with this chapter. Why? Because you've introduced an obscenely powerful OC, and then threw him into a fight with one of the most powerful humans in the planet-who the obscenely powerful OC killed quite easily in combat...and who, strangely, Naruto has not really thought of at all during his fight... which a host of outrageously overpowered abilities previously undiscussed are exhibited by Naruto.

It's just too much for one chapter. It feels really forced, from the author's end I mean.
6/22/2007 c1 Guest
not sauna, SUNA.
4/26/2007 c17 noname00
i liked it...and i hope book 3 is just as great^^
4/6/2007 c12 2kyubi1254
i started reading the first book on hour and a half ago and it is extremely good so far and you meant stream of concsiensious thought
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