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6/22/2003 c1 Nick Johnson
I didn't like this fanfic at all either. It was also too sad. And that would be TK has lost Patamon for a second time. This time, Patamon is gone forever & never coming back. Say it ain't so. Its because I didn't want Patamon, or any of the other Digimon, and/or any of the DigiDestined, dead or killed by something bad. So I have these questions for you, after hearing of that terrible tragedy that occurred around the time this fanfic began. But since you haven't been answering this email, I am going to try giving them to you, through this review. And here they are. 1. What was this fanfic about? 2. Was there going to be anymore to this fanfic? 3. When did it take place? 4. What part of the Digital World does it also take place? 5. How old was everyone in this fanfic? 6. I know how TK lost Patamon for the first time around. But how did he lose him the second time? 7. Were the DD in some kind of battle when it happened? 8. What kind of battle were they in when this happened? 9. Who or what were they up against? 10. How strong was this enemy anyway? Be sure to write back with some answers. Or if you want to, you can choose which questions you feel like answering. And the rest can be answered either later or within this fanfic. I will have some more questions to give you later.
11/7/2002 c1 17HeeroGrl195
This is for u 2 Ricky...Rest In Peace pup. Miss u so much already...;_;
5/1/2001 c1 Fliegen ohne Fl
Das war süß und traurig. Schreiben Sie Mehr Digimon fics bitte. ~Liz
3/8/2001 c1 Kit-D
:Hugs sis and sobs: Arigatou for the ficcy. I really appreciate it, helps me remember all the good times we had with our poor lil koinu. He'll always be in my heart :cries: Bai Salty-kun ;_;
3/6/2001 c1 Xan-lus
That Matt part was sweet. I can't believe I said that. Arg! All these fluff fics are finally getting to me, I must leave now. The last thing TK said was also nicely done. Great fic even if it is cutie n sort of sad.
3/5/2001 c1 Shara
That was great, and a bit confusing but very cute. Nice job!

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