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for Purity 3: Forever

7/26/2015 c1 angeljme
i love bantering on this fiction... really got me hooked
11/2/2012 c23 skyrosediamond
i really wish you would continue this and add tat part abt their son

i love the ryo/nezumi pairing
11/2/2012 c48 skyrosediamond
wow u juz keep getting better
i really admire ur work
ryomaru's char is funny
he really is inuyasha's & kagome's son
5/27/2011 c48 iChaos
Review for Purity 3: Forever.

LOL - as in, it will take forever for Ryo & Nez to come to terms with each other?

I kid, I kid, but seriously, this was a wonderful example of a backwards-compatible fic that was truly a riot from start to finish. I mean c'mon, married in Vegas by an Elvis impersonator? Ok, that's just plain funny. But with ring pops? After Sesshomaru thought to make the joke of putting them into the honeymoon suite? That. Was. [b]Hilarious.[/b]

Funny as it was, this installment of the saga had its share of endearing moments too, but I think that my favorite part was probably the respect that I felt for Sesshomaru during the battle scene. When he walked in behind Ryo with the whole posse in tow and was all, like: "My word [i]is[/i] law!" and then proceeded to demonstrate why, I gotta admit, I was a little bit in awe of him. As much of a bastard as he was in Purity 2, his characterization in #3 left me with a very poignant impression of exactly what it means to be Inu-Taisho, and the burden of the authority that he bears.

No doubt about it, Nez & Ryo make a quirky couple, but that just makes what they went through to finally realize their love that much more satisfying in the end. Kagome & InuYasha will always be my favorite, and Toga + Sierra are special, but the story of the Hunter & his mate holds its own.

ps - although I've taken to reading the fics via PDF on your wensite, it seems like this is the best place to leave a review - if you ever see this, I hope you don't mind it so long after the stories have been posted, but this is great stuff and I think it deserves the attention.
5/26/2011 c18 iChaos
Purity #3, Chapter 18

In a word: Brilliant! Easily one of my favorite chapters of the saga thus far, and that is saying something.

That whole sparring scene in the backyard of Sesshomaru's house? Absolutely wonderful stuff! I know it wasn't really the point at all, but the twins being so blatantly & thoroughly chastised by Kagura like that was hilarious!

I haven't read much about Gin yet, but I really like her style. The look on Toga's face must have been priceless.

On a more serious note, the idea that Ryo has actually chosen Nezumi long ago was an interesting concept, and one that I hope is explored more as the fic continues. For now though, he really, really needs to learn how to pay attention to her and stop being so damn impulsive all the time - especially at her expense.
12/9/2008 c1 Yulia Jade
So I just wanted to say..

that i've reread EVERY single one of your inuyasha stories on mm in the past 3 weeks and i STILL love them and you are a gift to humanity. :)
8/29/2007 c48 3lovely123
i like and i hope you make them have kids
12/6/2006 c44 blackfire9300
9/15/2006 c5 2ryuske.cigara
6/15/2006 c1 Chva
Thanks, Sorry I missed read the story, keep up the Good work

P.S. I sent an e-mail to and never got a reply on a charcter idea i sent you under the e-mail name of Christian, If you got the e-mail please at least give me an idea of how to make the charcter realilistic

P.S.S. You probally got many e-mails from me since my E-mail had problems

3/19/2006 c48 25Dark Inu Fan
I agree with ryo when he said that everything was backwards. keep up the good work and I can't wait to read the next installment! dark
3/12/2006 c48 11loveaswellashateforever
this was an exciting story to read, i never wanted to stop well i had to when i was tierd but i sure the hell like this. I like all of them, u are really good writer.
1/5/2006 c19 6XxXCatareinaXxX
‘I could have given him that, but . . . What about when he gets tired of me? He’ll move on, and I . . . I can’t do that, can I?’

Oh. My. God. Why can she get it thorugh her head? HE CAN'T GET TIRED OF HER AND MOVE ON EVEN IF HE WANTED TO! Which he -hopefully- doesn't. But come on, they're mated. They can't stop seeing eachother. Ryomaru knows it. He understands it. SO WHY CAN SHE GET IT THROUGH HER HEAD! IT'S BEEN EXPLAINED TO HER OFTEN ENOUGH!

*snarls viciously* baka, baka ningen...
12/11/2005 c48 2princesskitty18
cute! i didnt realize that ryo could be soo...cute! ^_^ lol nice story..

*~* kitty *~*
8/17/2005 c42 ForeverForgottenPast
Hahahaha! "Iron reaver Ass squisher" Sueric youve just gained yourself a raving fan girl =p
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