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11/19/2005 c20 berrygblue
Great chapter! Look forward to her adventures in the future. Keep up the good writing.
11/15/2005 c20 TNMoon
Excellent Work!

11/7/2005 c1 2Kifujin no STRAWBERRY
This is amazing. I clap for you.
11/1/2005 c19 gail berry
great partial chapter. You do have a way of leaving us hanging dont you? Cant wait for next part
9/13/2005 c18 8piratebloodprincessheart
hey great chapter! i love this story. its so descriptive and interesting, hope it never ends! (lol, although that wouldn't be much fun for you, now would it? ^_^) i just started school, too. grade eleven - eep. well, good luck with your new year! ill be waiting for the next chapter
9/12/2005 c18 4West Dean
I'm enjoying this unusual crossover. You write very with good descriptions and a nice eye for action.
9/5/2005 c18 berrygblue
Love this chapter. Ill be glad when the next one comes & explains everything. Keep writing you have the talent for it
8/15/2005 c17 8piratebloodprincessheart
cliffy, cliffy, cliffy! this one was good as always. cant wait for the next. i luv the half-blood prince and every day its killing me to not have the seventh one! lol ooh and i cant wait for the next movie! anyway, keep writing!
8/13/2005 c1 berrygblue
Great chapter, what a cliff hanger. Cant wait to see whats going to happen next. Keep writing you are doing great.
7/14/2005 c16 piratebloodprincessheart
I love reading your story! And i hope that once you finish this one, you'll keep writing more.

Gah, i hate the silent treatment! tho i have had to use it on a few people...

Hey, i just realized...you write like i do when they talk its "this" and when they're thinking its 'this' and its italicized. cool. my friend says thats wrong, so i dont talk to her anymore! ^_^

As always, great chapter - can't wait for more
7/6/2005 c16 gberryblue
This chapter is really good. I like the way you are messing with her head. I cant wait for the next chapter. Its getting more suspenceful(Ithink thats the word i want). Keep up the good work.
6/26/2005 c15 berrygblue
Great story. Loved this chapter. You have got quite a mystery going here, keep up the good storywriting. Can't wait for the next chapter.
6/22/2005 c15 piratebloodprincessheart
hey. great chapter. dumbledore always has something up his sleeve! yes, occlumency. thats gotta be the greatest class EVER! omg...snape! aah cliffhanger! can't wait for the next chapter! by the way, i think your control of the english language is great. never stop writing ^_^
3/8/2005 c13 piratebloodprincessheart
yay update! this chapters great. thats it, im totalli hooked on this story!
3/5/2005 c13 berrygblue
love the story and a little romance didnt hurt. you like leaving those clif hangers dont you.The chapter before was very good also. sorry i didnt sent you a review. Keep them coming. VERY GOOD
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