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for Operation: Asylum Rescue

4/27/2018 c6 6HungryHungryHufflepuff
I really like this! Write on!
3/4/2009 c6 person
good story!
8/20/2006 c6 EmeraldxElaine
I hope you do update at some point...I always have hope :)
8/20/2006 c5 EmeraldxElaine
ok, haha that was pretty good...I like it, future seeing hehe
8/20/2006 c4 EmeraldxElaine
you are so evil...though that -was- worth it, it was hilarious:)
8/20/2006 c3 EmeraldxElaine
I can -not- wait for Draco's report...all the docters -are- crazier than the patients:)
8/20/2006 c2 EmeraldxElaine
Ha ha I love this story...I think for Draco you should make him traumatised from when his hair got messed
8/20/2006 c1 EmeraldxElaine
Did you get 'Mayfleet' from the book 'City of Ember' by Jeanne of the main characters 'Lina Mayfleet'...well anyways just wanted to say I love your idea:)
8/6/2005 c1 darth mole
hi i really didnt read this peace but i need to reply to ur review so, lukes in love with his mom because he doent no it his mom! srry 4 the confusoin
7/4/2005 c6 3Randomised
Ohh, the end is nigh!
6/20/2005 c6 14ap gato
Oh, its getting exciting. Brilliant, you are. Sorry that this review will be short, but I have very little computer time. Excellent chapter, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of this story. Great work! Update soon!
6/14/2005 c5 ap gato
Oh, you most certainly DO deserve reviewers. You are brilliant, and it reflects in the story. I'm SO glad you updated. I thought that you had given up on the story, and I was on the verge of sending you annoying e-mails demading more chapters. Looks like I got my wish without the extra effort. Well, brilliant chapter as always. I hope you update again soon!
6/3/2005 c4 3Randomised
This is really weird, but in a good way. Slightly mad, so an asylum seems a subtible place for it. Please update soon!
5/14/2005 c3 9Chimalmaht
Hrm, what's wrong with Harry? Will the main character learn soon what he was trying to tell her? I hope so.
5/14/2005 c2 Chimalmaht
Well, the characters are a little OOC, but they're an in asylum so that's expected, right? I thought so. I'm noticing a common pattern here. What could these doctors be doing to the poor characters? The only thing that bugged me too much this chapter was how the main charrie got a ring of keys. Unless I missed something last chapter...
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