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11/12/2007 c15 loretta537
this was good, i loved it. I hope to read a sequel one day, it doesnt have to be set in egypt with them being possesed. I just want to find out what happens later, how everyone reacts to what happened to them, how the ones who didnt go to egypt (kisa, hiro, rin, ritsu, kureno) react to the story of what happened to the others, how akito reacts to everyone, ect.
9/16/2006 c2 DoubtfulSeer
wow. i really like this. lol i'm adding it to my favs list. :)

6/20/2006 c15 93Kelly the Vampire Witch
Happy Birthday! Wow, I'm glad I read it with your notes. All those gods and zodiacs sharing bodies, but it was actually nice of Apep to kill Osiris so Seth couldn't. Ayame would have had a hard time dealing with Yuki's death. As for Kyou and Tohru I think they'll be cute and adorable. Just as long as Yuki doen't kiss Tohru! Great Work as always.
4/27/2006 c15 27Niamh St. George
You know how things get - things get crazy, and then you get the story update bot, and you're like, "Gah! I'll read it when I have more time!" And "more time" never seems to come along. And then you're poking through your "favorites" list and see that one of the most unique stories you've ever read is DONE.

I still love this story, Shads. And I particularly liked how you ended it. No loose threads, no unanswered questions. I thoroughly enjoyed this - more so when the Juunishi hosting the dark gods got to communicate with them. That added a nice facet to things.

4/8/2006 c15 23Lalaith Yamainu
This was weird... in a brilliant, confusing, don't-know-what's-going-on-until-the-end way... ooh, I was creeped out by the Horus guy at the begining, and it's cool that Kyo's in the Zodiac now and that they're all made up, and I was afraid that it was gonna be Tohru/Yuki, and I can't believe Ayame almost killed Yuki, it would have destroyed him, but Hatori doing it was unexpected, and oh my this story is wonderful!
3/25/2006 c15 19Adi88
Criminey, that was absoutely incredible. I'm favoriting this thing. I love mythology, I love Fruits Basket, and now I've got two in one... I really liked the ending, too. Beautifully ambiguous. And the stuff with Akito was very cool.
3/25/2006 c9 Adi88
And now I'm only on chapter nine, but I have to leave again... However, this just keeps getting better. If I didn't know Egyptian mythology a bit I'd probably be completely lost, but as it is this is utterly fascinating. Plus, I like the Tohru/Isis combination, and the goddess who held Ra in the palm of her hand giggling over schoolgirl crushes. And the Kyo/Tohru action even though Osiris is in Yuki. It'd just be too plain cut to make it a Y/T and I/O all in one.
3/25/2006 c5 Adi88
Okay, I'm only on chapter five, but I have to stop for a minute, so I'm going to leave a little note. Being, I really like this. The writing is good and the plot is highly intruiging.
3/8/2006 c15 Eletriarnation
(I guess this was finished a while ago, but I just recently read through the entire thing. ^^)


*stares at fic*

Why does this story not have more REVIEWS? I don't understand. It is AMAZING. BEYOND amazing-You can't even begin to fathom how much I enjoyed this. (I was so scared it was going to be a Yukiru... XD) It was so completely entralling to read, and I really hope you've continued to develop your talents. Oh my god. Thank you very much for writing this. It was such a pleasure.

11/8/2005 c12 Lauren Thomas
Dear Beth-

Wah! You need to update, pretty pretty pretty please! Wtih cherries, whip cream, and whatever else you pile on ice cream! As you may remember, I "kicked" your butt in gear around chapter four (I think), but now you seem to want to stop again! Don't! Please, finish this marvelous work of art! Or I'll cry so much that a river will form to wash you away, wherever you are!

Really, there's so much unresolved stuff: what happened to Kyo when he lost his bracelet (apart from the "mononoke" part); how Ayaa is faring now that Seth is crushing him; how the gang will stop Seth without hurting Ayaa; if Tohru actually chooses one man over another!

Just because we (the readers) are too lazy to review doesn't mean that you should slack off . . . I know that doesn't make much sense, but just follow the advice and finish writing/updating this glorious piece!

As for the actual review, the way you set up a mysterious plot without giving it away beforehand with beautifully subtle foreshadowing (your foreshadowing has such luscious intrigue, somehow) and also not letting the plot become too complicated just rocks my armsocks off. It helps that you kept the characters of the story to just the cast of Furuba (almost), unlike some authors. Adding ancient gods is fine by me, and the Egyptian ones are my fav, so your entire story just caught me (and still has me)-hook, line, and sinker.

Please! For my sanity and your health (because everyone knows that rivers are hazardous to a person's health), update soon!

PS From our last conversation, you recommended "Philos." I read it, I loved it, and I'll read it many times more before I tire of it (if I ever do). It's just so poignant . . .

8/29/2005 c11 9Bob the Almighty
I don't really read a lot of Fruits Basket fic since very little of it is any good, but I'm glad that this particular story caught my eye. It's very rare to find fic with *plot* anymore, and this one is quite interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this.

One this though- you have a few words stuck together, probably due to forgetting to press the space bar, and the occasional spelling mistake. It's nothing serious though.
8/24/2005 c11 halberd

I had been thinking about writing a Fruits Basket meets Egypt story, but there already is one!

And and awesome on at that. ;)

Can't wait for more!

8/2/2005 c11 Empress Satori
Yo! This fic is the greatest! I know you aren't using correct Ancient Egyptian history down to the tee, but it's still good to see it! Hey, it's fanfiction, you can bend what you want to make it work YOUR way...more people should read and review this story! I look foward to the outcome of all the battles, the finish and hopefully a sequel? ^_^ Either way, continue and keep up the good work!

8/2/2005 c1 8Joflower
Shigure seemed a little out of character in this chapter, but with an AU/AR fic (which I think this would be classified as) it's okay for them to be a little out of character.

It's a very interesting idea for a story (I had thought about writing an ancient egyptian/furuba fic as well) and I look forward to reading more when I have more time.

Keep up the good work.
7/23/2005 c10 27Niamh St. George
"I hope you’re feeling more rested Niamh. I wrote this chapter up real quick like, just for you. Though you might not thank me for that once you’ve read it…"

I'm feeling loads better, thanks. And OMG, FANTASTIC cliffhanger! I also figured Apep was talking about Tohru when he advised Kyou not to take anything he was afraid of losing. But then, what choice does Kyou HAVE but to wear his beads? Oh, man. SUCH a nice twist. I commend you - I didn't see that coming!

And, can I just say, if I had any artistic skill whatsoever, I SO would have drawn Apep, Seth, and Anubis by now. Rowr!
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