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for From Unbearable Grief to Eternal Peace

11/23/2015 c1 10LonerGirl1012
Wow, so sad and beautiful at the same time. Poor guy, so sad. This is just an amazing story. A, 100 out of 100!
1/18/2008 c1 19Gaslight
A shame you haven't gotten a review for this! I saw your review on Ilium where you defended Agamemnon and had to see if you'd written anything about him. I like him too, although I am guilty of writing him as he is portrayed in the movie. A conscious choice. However, I know he was not the cardboard villain as depicted by Hollywood and I've been thinking about doing a one-shot where Agamemnon is a bit more sympathetic.

Anyway, well done. The Achilles/Briseis fanbots have gotten me down and so many of the other characters are ignored. I really enjoyed this treatment of him and the portrayal of a warm family that is eventually ripped apart by anger and grief. Much more interesting than the whole unit being dysfunctional and feral from the get-go, lorded over by an utter bastard.

One thing, though, seemed out of place. Iphigenia's letter. I thought that there was no written language as such back then, that it was mainly confined for the use of inventories and records, rather than prose.

I hope you'll write more myth-based fic.

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