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for The Phantom of the Opera

9/8/2007 c10 2Adi Sagestar
4/12/2005 c1 2Carmellos
I thought so but wasn't sure. Thanks so much! Now I know to make sure I don't spell it wrong! lol! Thanks again!
4/5/2005 c9 30an-angel-in-hell
hey- fyi. if you want more readers, i recommend moving this fic to the Phantom of the opera section under books. just a tip :)
4/3/2005 c10 23angel718
great! lurve it...update plz!
3/28/2005 c6 angel718
as of right now, this story is amazing. it has me hooked, i'll tell you that. and i'd love to finish it now, but it's pretty late. i must wait until another day. *sigh*

2/11/2005 c10 10BohemianCane04
I love this story so much! Good job!
2/5/2005 c10 30an-angel-in-hell
OMG! i love it, and i love Erik so much! there are a lot of Erik fics out there, but this one is one of the best.
1/29/2005 c10 Blondeducky77
very good. I can't wait for the rest of it.
1/25/2005 c9 8Aki T
Lovely! Though it is more or less like watching the movie being written out, it's cool to see stuff from Erik's POV. Nicely done, please continue!

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