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for Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

1/19/2013 c15 HeartlessTitania
Bwahahaha! Yuri and Johnny showing off strength. Too hilarious! Beware the tomahawks. Good thing Alice doesn't have those, but she'd be too sweet to use one ;P
1/15/2013 c15 6MusicalDragons
Can you believe it's been over 10 years since SH2 came out?! I had the joy of replaying them both the other day. Then, this cropped up in my email! I'm so happy you still write these! I'll have to write that KurAna lemon I promised oh...6 years ago? haha.
9/25/2011 c14 25satsukiyurami
Oh my, i love this fanfic IMO this Fanfic so cute!

I'm happy because i see Nicholai x Karin , Kato x Ouka, Joachim x Lucia.

If you don't mind would you like to writting Kato x Ouka and Joachim x Lucia ?

8/13/2009 c14 8killerkumquat
I like! The KurandoxAnastasia bits are my favorites, though I also like the KarinxNicholai. Although...I've always kind of wondered about Karin/AnnexBen.

You know, after I got the Autumn Kimono for Anastasia, I went back to Petrograd to talk to her parents, just cause. Alexandra said "What? There's a boy you like now? How nice. You should bring him to meet me next time. But don't worry, your father doesn't need to know. It'll be our little secret." As far as I've seen there aren't any stories about Kurando first meeting Anastasia's parents, and I've always wanted to read one.

Also, I've noticed that when I have Karin and Kurando in a battle party together, they tend to get knocked into combo positions a lot. I bet if they started doing a lot of combos together just for convenience's sake, Anastasia would be quick to notice.XD
1/17/2008 c7 20Kali Ravel
Why are a Japanese guy and a Russian girl celebrating an American holiday? o_O
7/20/2006 c7 Lunaritic
I really REALLY enjoyed these. Tell me you are gonig to do some more for Shadow Hearts 2. Please.
2/19/2006 c14 6Wot Wot Wark
Cute set of drabbles! They're very short, but sweet. I liked the Karin/Nicholai ones, and even the Kurando/Ana ones (I'm not a big fan of the pairing). The only bad thing is your occasional weird grammar mistake and some awkward wording, but otherwise, it's good. :) Can't wait to read more ...
2/16/2006 c9 36silver thorns
hello! i've just finished shadow hearts covenant (great game) and came to find stories. and i did! i've actually read all of the drabbles, and their funny and cool, but i like this one most because of yuri's gift to alice. it's...amazing, really. i like it. cause yuri isn't the shopping around type, and how often does a demon offer to take you on a moonlit flight, that's meant only for you?

but yeah, i've read all the others, even the ones past here, and they're all really really cool. the other one i like is the devil loincloth thingy. (was really surprised when i got that). it's just the bit at the end.

that's about it, really. can't think of much else to say, so yeah. i'll probably read the others too, so no worries. ^-^

silver thorns
2/7/2006 c14 21Alexander - Godslayer


Christmas is surely sad being a widower...


Anastasia... loyal as Penelope!
2/7/2006 c13 Alexander - Godslayer
How can you know about Shadow Hearts I? It isn't even finished!

Did you play a demo?

Well... I won't read this chapter since I don't wanna know anything about this game until I play it.
2/7/2006 c12 Alexander - Godslayer

Talking about sex jokes...

Saki seems to be a little naughty sometimes.


Wedding! B-b-but... Anastasia is not even 15!

You REALLY love that pairing, right?
2/7/2006 c11 Alexander - Godslayer

Sooner or later... it HAD to happen!

Talking about loosing virginity so young!


Eleanor... she remainds me of Ruto (Legend of Zelda)

Well... she is evidently devoted to her love.


"Joachim and Anastasia made an odd pair" YOU BET!


I still remember when Anastasia mentioned about how loudly they had been the past night...


Good one. Very in-character.

After WHAT battle?
2/7/2006 c10 Alexander - Godslayer

Yeah, Anastasia's problem are usually easy to solve.


The men's worst enemy: Temptation.

Well... Kurando is surely strong.

Althought I'm not sure if Anastasia wants him to be strong in that way. :P


Told ya!



Gentleness... is fragile.


Actually... Nicolai was the only one who used basic magic and by his own.
2/7/2006 c9 Alexander - Godslayer

A little obvius... but what was Kurando wearing for the dance?


Nice gift... but Amon is not exactly very handsome for a lady, at least in SH1.


Nice one... I have to admit it. I would have liked that Nicolai wouldn't have turned to the evil side.


Ouka was surely a lovely character. It's a pitty that she had to die.


No wonder why she was crying so hard.
2/7/2006 c8 Alexander - Godslayer

Bad choise, Karin... bad choise...


I have never seen Joachim and Lucia as a couple (Specially after all those gay jokes with Joachim and his master... *Vomits*)

However, that thing of the common cause was rather good.


Now, truly... how is Karin going to explain THAT!


And that task was rapidly acomplished!


Another cute one!
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