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for Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

1/27/2005 c4 6Lady Draculea
Heya, I love your fics and ficlets. They're quite fun to read. I love them to pieces.

Anastasia and kurando are now my favourite pairing. Karin and Nicolai are in a close second. I'd request something, but I left my brain at school along with my creativity. Though, reading whatever you write is enough. I'll let you know if I think of anything.

~Lady D
1/26/2005 c2 2Angel-chan2
Whee! I'd love to see more Karin x Nicolai pairings! ^_^ You know, when I first heard Nicolai say that to Karin, I was like, "Does he really mean that, or is he just saying that to manipulate her? If he means it, aww, how sweet. If he doesn't mean it, the jerk." :P But actually, I was preferring to imagine that he meant it. ^_~ In fact, I'm even hoping that they'll imply it more later on in the game (I'm not finished the game yet... going back to Apoina Tower...)

Besides, I was all for the Yuri x Alice pairing, since, even though Alice is dead in this one, it still almost seems as though he would be unfaithful to Alice if he went after another girl, wouldn't you agree? ;P *Karin x Yuri fans glare at her* ...er... *backs away* I mean, everyone's entitled to their opinions, ne? I'm just... expressing mine... I'm gonna go now. *runs off, Karin x Yuri fans following in hot pursuit*
1/26/2005 c3 8Parallel-Blue13115
I love! I love! I love! ^_^ The drabbles are so cute! More Karin X Nicolai please!
1/26/2005 c3 36MikoNoNyte
Ok, somehow I doubt work-a-holic Kurando would stay behind... that's what his mother is for. On the other hand, the way you've got it, I like it. It's almost like he's exploring her existance: happy, sad, boisterous, ill. He's curious.

We all know what curiosity does, nes pas?

Ok, challenge: write a drabble regarding the Japanese mastermind (darn, forgot his name!) and his grandson... maybe after he got his ass whupped. hehehe. How's that?
1/26/2005 c3 Bella
Ohh, I'm glad you do ^_^

Yes, let's! XD He's just so...sparkly! XD

This was just adorable! Kurando is such a darling!
1/26/2005 c3 2sable-fahndu
I absolutely love your imagination and ability to stir my curiosity and senses. YES! Nicolai and Karin as well as Kurando and Anastasia? You really know how to spoil us! Request? More NicolaixKarin, KurandoxAnastasia intimacy! A big dosage of it. PLEASE!
1/26/2005 c3 43Leebot
What do you mean I'm getting soft on you! What, do you think you've wooed me with your oh-so-wooing ways and I can stand to even risk offending you ever-so-slightly? What do you mean I'm jumping to unfounded conclusions? Oh. (Must find way to cover.)


That was an example of paranoia. Now, here's an example of a real review:

Whew! You're sure good at giving a sweet relationship between Kurando and Ana. It's adorable.

A few grammatical points this time:

#5: "She lied in bed" should be "She lay in bed." That lay/lie stuff is tricky.

"had to dealt with now" should be "had to be dealt with now." But... that would bump it up to 101 words! Run for shelter, the drabble's falling!

#6: "to the wife grins" - you probably mean "to the wide grins"; they're not "wife grins" yet ;)
1/25/2005 c2 puffy
I've just noticed that the total word count is 6. Did you do that on purpose?^_^
1/25/2005 c2 Bella
I wanted to say earlier that these are very impressive in that you're able to say so much in just 100 words!

The second Kurando one, in particular, had a real impact!

Good work! ^_^
1/25/2005 c2 Leebot
#3: Nice way of capturing the tragedy of realization of an impossible love.

#4: ...not much to say, here. Too short for me to come up with a relevant comment. Alright, I guess.
1/25/2005 c2 15Puffy Tribulation
Umm Let's see...Drabble# 3 is supposed to be Nicolai and Karin? Er...I kinda feel as if those words that said "I love you Karin..." were from Ben/ Jinpachiro. Am I wrong?

Drabble# 4, in a word...'sexy'.

Wah! when will you update Bel. Honeymoon? I feel like munching your fingers. hik hik hik!

Seriously, I kinda understand this long wait, KurAna pairing is not easy to write, at least for puffy, specially for one who is not a native Japanese. That's why I admire your stories about them so much!

Eh don't let puffy bother you, 'Snapshot' will have to appease me for the time being.^_~
1/25/2005 c1 Puffy Tribulation
Hee Hee! That was incredibly cute! I always admire writers who could express so many things in just a few words, it feels as if I'm watching the scene in front of me, but then coming from you, I never expected anything less!

Woof Woof! When will you update *ahem* Belated Honeymoon?
1/25/2005 c2 36MikoNoNyte
"But he quickly killed his lustful expression before she could see it."

ACK! He's repressed! No wonder they haven't! hehehe.

Re: Karin/Nicholai... ... I'll let you know when I post my piece at Nicholai Shrine, but I gotta tellya, it ain't nothing like yours! :) Which is a good thing probably. gr, I really don't like Nikki, even if I did use him in a story... omg a year before SH2 came out.

Tiger, in case I didn't ever tell you: I like your stuff. I really do. Drabbles included.

(PS: Koudy Cchapter 10 is up - carry a barf bag.)
1/24/2005 c1 21Beastman
Well, thats certainly one way to keep someone around? But wopuldn't a smple "Hey, wait!" have sufficed? Guess it just wouldn't have been romantic that way, though...
1/24/2005 c2 Beastman
whe! mushies!

Although I'd rather Karin gut Nicolai than love him. Ah well, guess that means Yuri can.
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