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2/7/2006 c7 21Alexander - Godslayer

That was one funny part of the game.

It's strange that Yuri and Kurando were NEVER really called cousins during the game.

And Kurando's feeling for Anastasia were not revealed until the end of the game.


Well... Kurando's village was surely not very updated acording to the rest of the world.
2/7/2006 c6 Alexander - Godslayer

I tell you, that ending was the first ending ever in which I could accept that the main character would die.


I don't understand how is posible that wanting someone to live can be selfish.

Kurando is doing absolutely the right.


By the way, about the question in your mail, I'm planing on writing a Devil May Cry fanfiction in english, but you'll have to wait a little. (If you wanna read it, of course)
2/7/2006 c5 Alexander - Godslayer

Yeah, the loincloth was surely surprising.

Did you notice that that's the loincloth that Kurando wears when he is transformed in the ogre.

Anastasia was temped! XD


2/7/2006 c4 Alexander - Godslayer

Anastasia does NOT know what's she is getting into. XD


Kantaro and Kosuke? Who were those two? I can't remember them.


Yeah, her parent's will surely surprises. What would they say if they found that their daughter is engaged? Or marreid! Or pregnant! (After "assist", I wouldn't be surprised)


Heat... that's women's weak spot


And whay doesn't HE changes sides! uh! Does he really love her!
1/31/2006 c3 Alexander - Godslayer
Let me guess... you are a Kurando/Anastasia fan, right?

Well, can't complain. I like the pairing.

Gotta keep reading.
1/31/2006 c2 Alexander - Godslayer
Drabble #3.

Honestly, I don't like the Karin/Nicolai idea. But the drabble was cool anyway

Drabble #4

Wow! So now the Ogre inside Kurando is trying to drive him in sexual temptation? M... or could it just be Anastasia? I wounder what would she thinks.
1/31/2006 c1 Alexander - Godslayer
For first chapter... it was GREAT!

And I was always wanting to know how would Kurando react to the fact that Anastasia is his fiancée!

Ok, let's go for the next chapter!
1/24/2006 c14 25CuddlyChristina
Hey, Tiger! Y'know, I'm trying to think of ideas for upcoming chapters for Ouka no Yogen. I hope I get some ideas, soon, okay? See you soon!
1/3/2006 c14 2IchikoKitsuneKoumori
oh so cute

um.. I really like Karin x Yuri pairing. I have never played the first game. So I hadn't liked Yuri with Alice. And I've only just started the second disk. IThe only way I know about Karin being Yuri's Mom was from reading some fanfic's which had pissed me off. when I had though I guess I'm becoming more opened to Karin and Nicolai. I've only gotten to part where the group are in Japan but can now fly back to Europe. I'm still not really open to Alice and Yuri yet though. Sence I DON'T KNOW ALICE. I guess I'm still in denial about the whole Mom thing.

So could you write some Yuri x Karin drabbles? A slight AU if you have to. As if the whole mom thing wasn't there? PLEASE! give me my fantasy please? If you will. I'll give you my Ideas. I don't want to get my hopes up.
12/30/2005 c14 Kitara Olga
WOW! great story! I agree w/ The Libra Chick! You are the best writer here! when do you think you upload the another chapter to 'A killer's seduction'? I've been dying to see what happens next!
12/29/2005 c4 19lucid-dreamerxo
I don't know why people would hate Nicolai... but if they do they should keep their opinions to themselves! I say Nicolai is hot! And nobody better disagree! *takes out bazooka*
12/15/2005 c14 Nothinghere11111
Welcome back! Yeah, school and life itself can be a pain in the neck at times and they are more important than entertaining us with your wonderful fics, so work on them whenever you feel like it. Enjoy the holidays season.
12/15/2005 c14 PL16
Poor Yuri, it must be very hard for him. The Kurando and Anastasia drabble is sweet. Well, looking at both drabbles you did, they're both very short but good. I wonder what you'll do for the next one you decide to post. ^_^ your right Tiger, your not the best writer at this site but I do and still believe that you're a great writer. I will always adore your style; don't let shit-head flamers break your spirits. I live with my brother but I am currently job hunting. I do write fics, just not at this site. Keep up the good work and if you wanna contact me, you know how to reach me. Bye for now.
12/10/2005 c14 5Rain
Aw, poor Yuri. :(

I really like your shapshots :)
9/4/2005 c12 21The Shadow Hawk
Oh, I love the KurAna snapshots so much. I crave more KurAna. They're the best video game couple. Nicolai and Karin are cool too. The more I played SH:C the more I wanted it to work. That would have been fun. Even if you don't keep writing snapshots for SH:C, I'll probably still read. I plan on playing SH:FTNW as soon as I can. Write on!

~The Shadow Hawk
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