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for Shadow Hearts II: Snapshot

6/30/2005 c13 Rikkeh
Gah, I'm so sorry, hun! I've been away from quite a bit, cause of writers block (the only thing I can write is DBZ and when I do write it, it's rubbish ;_; dammit!), so I haven't done reviews in a long time. Anyway, these drabbles are as wonderful as ever...keep the Kurando/Ana and Yuri/Alice love up for me! ^_^ and I like the way you did Yuri/Karin...because it didn't seem...THAT romantic, which was GREAT! XD Anyway, take care, hun, and write some more again as soon as you can! ^_^ Oh, and I'm becoming a fan of Karin/Nicolai too, thanks to you...getting me into all your pairings...damn you! lol! XD
6/8/2005 c9 15Semiramis-Audron
I like the bit about Oukka and Kato... though it's just a bit ^^:
5/14/2005 c13 7kingleby
interesting to do the sh3 characters ^_^
5/14/2005 c12 kingleby
so cute ^_^
5/14/2005 c11 kingleby
these are so great! ^_^ lol that 'so it was the quiet ones' line was so funny!
5/14/2005 c10 kingleby
lol, the one about the magazine was so funny!
5/14/2005 c9 kingleby
bless, the moonlit flight one was really cute ^_^
5/14/2005 c8 kingleby
aww! that was so sweet of him ^_^
5/14/2005 c7 kingleby
man, you've got me addicted to the kur/ana pairing now ^_^
5/14/2005 c6 kingleby
bless him! you have kurando's character down so well ^_^
5/14/2005 c5 kingleby
the red loincloth one was so funny! lol ^_^ i remember laughing when i got it for Kurando in the game.
5/14/2005 c4 kingleby
lol! the 'gift' one made me laugh at the end, lol ^_^ these are so good!
5/14/2005 c3 kingleby
bless him, lol, him staying seemed very in character for him ^_^ love it!
5/14/2005 c2 kingleby
the ana/kur one was really interesting, i never thought of the ogre thing like that before, but it definately makes sense ^_^ love it!
5/14/2005 c1 kingleby
lol! that was great! i always wondered how he'd react when he found out, and that was great ^_^
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