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4/27/2005 c13 PL16
Hello Tiger ^^ its me libra with a new name XD yet again (I think I might keep this one). Nice little piece you put together here ^^ as always like I've said... YOU ARE THE BEST WRITER AT THIS SITE AND ALL YOUR STORIES KICK ASS! ^_^ And its true, you have a gift but you already knew that :P.

Oh, I've already set my standards on how to deal with haters but thanks for the advice! And I am better than them ^-^ don't worry, I won't leave :) you and I know I've grown much stronger than that. Thanx a bunch for supporting me ^^. In June I'll be leaving to Arizona again, and in July I will post stories here under this account. Cuddly seemed excited with my profile ^^ heh, so did you enjoy the e-mail I sent today? LOL, I showed my brother and he got some laughs out of it too. Well anyway great job, congradulations for having... 126 REVIEWS with only 13 CHAPTERS! ^-^ you rule sis. Take care now!

p.s I haven't played this game yet, I've been mostly addicted to Devil May Cry 3 and Dynasty Warriors 5. Those games kick ass XD
4/25/2005 c13 Nothinghere11111
Taking a shot at predicting what might could happen in SHI already ^^ Damn, Johnny resembles Yuri a lot, but age-wise it doesn't seem possible that he could be Yuri and Alice's son, but I hope that there will be a shocking twist like the one at the end os SH:C.
4/24/2005 c13 25CuddlyChristina
Okay! I know I'm busy with school and spending time so much that I have only the beginning of the chapter up, okay? Please, don't be upset!
4/22/2005 c13 36MikoNoNyte
Getting a little ahead of ourselves, aren't we?

But then, it's good. The speculation is good too.

You do know they updated the SH3 page, right? Big guy has a name now. :)
4/22/2005 c13 25SilverLocke980
Hey, Tiger! I know I haven't reviewed this yet, but I must say, this is easily the best collection of *anything* I've found on the internet. Each is complete and separate unto itself; some contain the ideas for entirely new worlds in them, such as Karin's acceptance of Nicolai (I especially like the last line- "Coherency fled when Karin accepted the offer." A great, simple, but somehow profound way to state what happens when one falls into madness...) and the Joachim/Lucia angle, for which you have crafted the single funniest idea I have ever heard. Unite for the cause? Try to prove that you are not stupid? Hilarious! I love it.

Likewise, all of what's in here is good- you even manage to do fanfiction for a game that's not even finished in Japan yet, and craft an entire persona about a character who neither of us have seen for more than a single great fall off a great tall building (a feat I admire you for, might I add)- and I have no real complaints. Just one little thing.

I love the first chapter with Anastasia/Kurando- since you know me and my anti-Fate/pro-dark tendencies, then you also know that it's the first part I liked best, and not the second. I think it's just beautiful that you, of all people, should recognize the tremendous hatred and anger in Kurando's mind when he realizes his mother has made his decisions for him. You go for the "happy" ending, which details him loving Anastasia back, but you know me...

I might just get a fanfic out of this. (winks) After all, I never could do what anybody wanted me to.

Excellent work, and kudos for all this stuff!

Your Friend,

4/22/2005 c13 14Seizalyn
Wow. I saw the pairing "Johnny x Shania" on your fic description, and my eyes almost bulged out in surprise!

Getting a little ahead of ourselves now, aren't we, Tiger? ^_~ I like Shania's solo drabble the most. She's inwardly uncertain, worried even; yet her faith is strong and her visage presents nothing but determination. My kinda gal.

They're both still sweet, though. All your drabbles are! They're like cocoa on a cold, rainy day; such a joy to read these characters' emotions presented through so few words.

Glad to know school is ending soon on your end... mine will be just beginning! Woe are our conflicting schedules! Because of this, I don't think I'll be able to RP anywhere, period. But this is a worry for LJ, not the Reviews section.

I'll have to catch up on the rest of your drabbles, but hope to see more pieces by you soon! If you ever get bored writing KurAna (I know, I know, just bear with me here :P), you could give the supporting cast a try... namely the Magimell brothers? Hee! ^_~

Or more NicKar, which is always good. :P

On the subject of Nicolai, most guys hate him (including my brother, geez) because they OBVIOUSLY envy his special running style. REAL men run like that. XD

-huggles- Keep writing!
4/21/2005 c13 2Angel-chan2
Yeeyness! ^_^ I'm so happy to see an update from you again! :D Heheh, I'm glad you're still here. :P

Ah, so you're taking Psychology too, eh? That's cool. ^_^ And you got four weeks left of school? ...I suppose now's a bad time to say that I got off school two days ago...? :P Anyways, best of luck on your midterms, especially Psych. :P ^_^

Ooh, guess what? I finally beat Shadow Hearts Covenant! ^_^ Got both endings, too. ;) OMG, what happened to Yuri in the "good" ending totally caught me off-guard. O_O It was a tad confusing in the last little bit, too, but I think I kinda understood it. :P

By the way, where did you get this much info on Shadow Hearts 3? (wait, lemme guess; Gamefaqs? :P I really oughta check out that site more often... :P)

Well, anyhoo, great job. ^_^ I eagerly await your next update. ^_^ I'm not going anywhere, after all. ;) *straps herself to the computer chair and waits*
4/21/2005 c13 20Lord Vukodlak
Always good stuff Tiger always.

oh are you still mad about the little thing at gamefaqs?
4/14/2005 c12 psychedelic aya
Muwahahah! I liked that yukata bit. Aw, Anastasia's so cute! And yup, even cuter with Kurando. :D Sorry I haven't reviewed lately, gomen, gomen! But I love this all the same. :D Continue soon!XD
4/7/2005 c12 Nothinghere11111
I've got to admit you really got me intrigued in the Kurando/Anastasia thing, I wasn't really all that interested in the romance between them until I began reading your drabbles about them. I wonder how their story will turn out in SH3.
4/6/2005 c12 silence66
Sweet and awesome writing here Tiger ^^ I love your work! Its me Libra, I have a new name and I shall keep this one because I think it suits me plus I like it (your still welcome to call me by my nick, Libra). My second main site is open and once I get my act together I will go back to posting stories (I'm still on vacation plus I'm gonna try and get my English teacher to proof read my stories before I post it on the internet; not the lemon fics of course ^o^ I'm too shy to let my teacher read such dirty fics). I'm just a reviewer for now until I post stories again. Its funny but at the same time pathetic... whenever I review somebody's fic in the Guilty Gear category and a *certain* author assumes I'm talking to him or his friends (and I wasn't even talking to him -_- directly because I didn't even say his or his friends name) he uses other people's reviews to point me out and respond to me just because he feels he has to put me in check. I thought this crap was over but whatever, if him and his friends still want to go around making asses out of themselves or making me look bad, they can do it by themselves. I'm just going to ignore them, block them and do what I want. XD Sorry for bugging you about my issues or ranting off. ^^ I did enjoy reading this chapter and I'm glad you don't think I'm a dork. XD Thanks and good luck in college! Next week for me is spring break ^-^
4/5/2005 c12 2Angel-chan2
Yeey! Finally, an update! :D I was gettin' worried for a sec...

Oh, no worries about the delay in my request, I completely understand. ^_^ Wow, so you've been enduring the horrors of midterms all this time, eh? You have my sympathy. This semester, I once had two midterms on the SAME week, only two days apart. -_- What's worse, was that both were hard, and both were totally different subjects (psychology and English). e_e Anyways, yeah, I feel for ya.

Anyways, I eagerly anticipate your next set of drabbles! ^_^ Take care, then! ^_^
4/5/2005 c12 25CuddlyChristina
I did update it! As for my story, I'll update it if it's the last thing I'll do! I just don't want you guys waiting.
4/5/2005 c12 5Rain
So very sweet :) Something I could absolutely see Kurando doing :)
4/5/2005 c12 5SonChan
Ok! No problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH! haha, I loved this chapter! So kawaii! ^_^ Ana/Kur FOREVER!

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