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1/9/2008 c2 2SilentKiller1
poor daisuke, just so oblivious
1/9/2008 c1 SilentKiller1
jeez, dark really needs someone to help him, thats just bad with the drugs and everything
11/9/2007 c6 DildoCupcake
ii got an idea for tha next chappie.. how about you like describe one of darks fantasies and make it a reality like the schoolgirl one maybe you could like have dark keep notes of his fantasies and let dai-chan dress up as a schoolgirl and et him and dark do ...'things' ~cough~sex~cough~
8/4/2007 c6 1XxxLavixAllenxxX
I loved it! So much awsomeness...please continue this story T.T such great skill and not being used to its ptential...anyways please think about it and continue this story! :)
1/17/2007 c6 xxSUIRI
I Love it update soon
9/17/2006 c6 Shadow Kitsune67
Aww...Dark x Dai make such a cute couple x3...Rise is a wh043 ;...rofl. Looking forward to your update. =3
7/15/2006 c6 6Tara Rose Falls
This one too no more updates *crys*
7/7/2006 c6 1xXShadowedfateXx
O burn that musta' hurt Satoshi. I love your story and I hope you continue with it.
5/1/2006 c6 yukiko
please please please update! this is a really great story!
4/22/2006 c6 Hikari
KAWAII! I love it! the title fits the story line, IT ALL DAMN FITS AND I'M SO DAMN JELOUS! Ok, I'm calm now. I'm not really jelous, I just wanted to say that. XP So, anyway, update soon please! If you don't, all of us yaoi/DarkxDaisuke fans WILL HANG YOU! heehee...JK. DarkxDaisuke 4ever! :)
3/20/2006 c6 4ShootMeColorful
i love your storys can you put if you wont that satoshi gets geluss of them and rapes daisuke
2/19/2006 c6 bloodykazekitsune
ah! what's gonna happen next? i wanna know!

ja ne!
12/13/2005 c6 Ven
11/20/2005 c6 16crazy novelist-san
long time reader first time reviewer...

i think... oh well, this is the wee hours of the night and i don't rightly care enough to check if i left an anonymus review under another name.

enough about that. you updated! waho! love this fic. it captures the true face of the world; if you have the money people will look away when you want them to. the pure are a rare and dying race. if you find your one don't lose them. People will do complete 180's for the ones they love. and just because your meet for someone doesn't mean others dont have their eye on them too.

luv this fic! there is the occasional mispelling so be careful but other wise a superb fic all around. DrkxDai and SatoxKrd. some of my fav pairings. but RikuxTake is one i haven't encountered. maybe Dark and dai can band together w/ riku to hook Sato up with Krad! that could happen right?
11/19/2005 c6 ATH
So, is the 7th chapter is gonna be on? I want to know that Satoshi is going to be alright. Go Dark!
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