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11/12/2005 c6 4KagomeGirl021
OH please update again soon!
9/26/2005 c6 4Midoriyugi-chan
AW Dark and Daisuke make such a cute couple! Screw Satoshi I don't care about him. But I can't wait for the next chappie oh please please please write it soon! Matta ne ^_~
9/25/2005 c6 partimetenshi
how could u just stop like that when it was gettin good.Hurry up and countinue.*calls Naruto and kiba to fight to the death*;)
9/19/2005 c6 1Tara Rose Ever Moon Falls
hi its me again reading and loveing and wanting moew 0.0 UPDATE ples
8/9/2005 c6 Maliya
aw, that's sad. nice story though
8/7/2005 c6 Hiei's Love Slave
Hi, please update soon. for some reason you make satoshi seem like the bad guy. ::pouts:: and whats this C2 community shonenai it sounds interesting. well please update soon...maybe make even yaoi-er scenes well g2g i hope to see updates. bai~bai =^.^=
8/2/2005 c6 1Scared-of-the-dark
aww this is so cute but also sad for Satoshi

Love this and i hope you update soon!
7/31/2005 c6 Classy Raven
come on, update already, don't discontiue this Is Satoshi really going to give up come on I really want satoshi to try at least get dai into bed,
7/26/2005 c6 13Keyutiepie124
Great chapter! Update soon!
7/26/2005 c3 Keyutiepie124
This is so kawai! I love the Dark/Daisuke ship, it's so cute!
7/19/2005 c6 yuki's little nezumi
7/15/2005 c6 5gaara-no-suna
Yay! I love it! ^^ Update, update! Hahahaha! *bounce, bounce, sproing!* whoops, sorry!
7/12/2005 c6 Shimmering Solitude
T_T sorta kinda a major cliffie. Glad Dark/Dai got together but what about Satoshi and Krad? Update!
7/9/2005 c6 Guest
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