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5/26/2005 c3 LilAznSp0nge
aww... Daisuke is so cute with dark!
5/25/2005 c5 Classy Raven
I was just wonderin'in if you going to be updating son,.

email me when you do kay

love CR,
5/19/2005 c5 zanza13
more more more! i demand more...please? ^-^ i really like it. and woah risa is one crazy obsessed fan girl..sheesh i feel for dark. he's scared of her in there and out here she even scares me...lol kinda weird but oh well. i prefer daisuke and satoshi but your storys with dark and daisuke are really good..i like them as a couple now too. keep up the wonderful work
5/18/2005 c5 4yaminakathy
Great story plz update again soon. ^_^
5/16/2005 c5 17CrystalStarGuardian
gah! damn you, Satoshi! you make me want to kick you! tho yes, I still love you. and who can blame you for liking the kawaiiness that is Daisuke? but still! he's Dark's Tenshi! Dark's! altho.. you did help Daisuke to admit he likes the hottie named Dark Mousy. heh.. ^_^ please update as soon as you can, Lady Samurai! I love this fic. yes, yes I do =D
5/16/2005 c5 Classy Raven
I simply love D.N angel, have you watched the anime I only read the manga, do you know if it's commin to Cartoon network?

Will it is a mircule you updated

but This was an awsome chappie,

Love ya lots

Email me
5/9/2005 c5 rebecca
i love this story i've printed out every chapter so far i hope u'll up date it soon plese! ^.^
5/8/2005 c5 haru's doppelganger
WAI! why are you so good! this page of yours is now book marked and your stories are really cool! i hope you keep going with it!

5/7/2005 c3 anonymous
you really need to no how to spell (ex threw-through)
5/5/2005 c5 5kittenoftime
Kawaii, I love this fic

Great job, asusual
5/5/2005 c5 25Nanase Haruka
Oh, wow! That was awesome! Please update soon! And arigato for reviewing my story!

::Black Rose::
5/5/2005 c5 Kitsuni -Demon
oohh this is very good I love it I hope you can up date soon:)
5/4/2005 c1 DAISUKE
its obvious daisuke likes girls and sato and risa hav somthing going on in vol3 theres proof he likes girls,dark and dai arent gay,wats the use of dark being a pervert if he likes guys and krad isnt gay he hardly tresures anyone
5/4/2005 c5 Jessica
Oh! Why Stop It! Update! Must Read More!

(If you can't guess, I liked this chapter)

What's Dark gonna do! What's he gonna do! Gotta know! Gotta know!

(I know, I sound like a freak)

Update! Update! Update!
5/4/2005 c5 282Totally-Out-Of-It
It: TAKE THAT SATOSHI! Poor Dark. Daisuke's gotta clear things up... he's ur tenshi, Dark.. ok. I CANT WAIT TILL THE NEXT CHAPTER of any of your stories. ... Onee-chan is prepared to cry for the next chap of.. er.. that thing.. Together Itsumo.

I'll settle for any of them. ^_^ i like all ur stories. update when u get a chance, bye!
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