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2/5/2005 c1 ivedeleted
Hey , cool story , man ! . Is it a one-shot ? Cause I'd love ta read more !
1/29/2005 c1 3unlimitedblood
this story seems good so far, but maybe trying add more details and more realistic since i dont think some1 could fire a sniper twice killing them both before 1 of them noticed

well good start and im glad this was the 1st GTA fanfic i read
1/27/2005 c1 1nEoZeOn
pretty darn good, for your first story. I'll keeping an eye out for this fic. By the way Rico is dead, remember the mission for Umberto where you have to boat ride to a gang meeting with the Sharks and the Haitians? They threw a grenade and blew up Rico's boat. Just thought you should know that.
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