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for Albel's Intentions

1/19/2008 c2 le Crimson Scourge
Now, don't get me wrong, I love the AlbelxCliff pairing. But this story...-shakes head- The grammar was terrible. It was difficult to read...and let's be realistic, Albel wouldn't give in like that, not so quickly! You should do a lot of work on your grammar.
12/14/2005 c2 15SlippingSanity
I think this is a great fanfic! Please update soon!
10/2/2005 c2 29Luna Mischief89
-pouts- There is no more... -sniffle- I am sad. T-T Update soon so I won't cry... -bottom lip trembles threateningly-
3/17/2005 c2 Shaezen
O.o This story is quite possibly the /most/ disturbing thing I've /ever/ read. It's disgusting! First of all, Albel and Cliff are /NOT/ gay, and second, they /hate/ each other! Thirdly, Albel doesn't act anything like that! Even when he's drunk! You need a reality check, or at least a copy of the game. I know what you're thinking, "if you don't like yaoi, why are you reading this?" I'm curious, that's why. There are some fluffy yaoi's that aren't too bad...but this one crosses the line into rancid repulsivness.
2/10/2005 c2 PuppetLord
*claps* The mysterious two nights ago! lol. But... may I ask when and where this is set? Because I don't recall seeing any clubs... ^^; Aheheheh...
2/3/2005 c2 2Jigoku Tenshi
I give you five thumbs up!

...or at least, I would if I had five thumbs. XD

There aren't enough Cliff/Albel fics in this section. There's just a lot of Albel/Fayt. (Not that I'm complaining. ^^) I worship you for your brilliance! Continue or I will send my legion of yaoi fangirls after you! XD

Jigoku Tenshi
1/30/2005 c1 1Korei47
Hmm, Albel and Cliff... thanks for the lovely ideas! I am playing the game right now and just got Albel- he was my fav even before starting the game. Tee hee, anyone else think Cliff stands way too close to Fayt when he's talking to him? He's gotta stop that or us yaoi fan girls are gonna write him right into Fayt's bed! HAHAHHA!
1/28/2005 c1 35Tasumi Ashiru
I like it! good job for sure... You so better update this.. dun be like me an wait an eternity to update.. it is so rare to see a cliff/albel fic. again grat job!

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