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for Till the End of Time: Ocean of Eternity

8/20/2009 c3 38Kithrin
nice, I wonder what will happen between the assassins and our favorite chaos magnet.
9/9/2005 c2 Guest
UM where is ranma in this?
7/22/2005 c3 13Ysolde

I don't suppose I could interest you in my works as well?
7/21/2005 c1 Ysolde
Wish I had played more Star Ocean. Will read 2nd chap soon.
1/30/2005 c3 Angel Cinnamon
WOW! The first ever Ranma and Star Ocean: Till The End of Time Crossover. So, will Ranma meet any of the Star Ocean characters? If he will, then pair him up with one of the females like Maria, Sophia or Nel. Anyway, great story, please update soon.
1/29/2005 c1 3Skunktrain
There are a number of things to be said about this fic. You spent so little time on telling us about the world this happens in that it is hard to care who lives or dies; I felt very sorry for Gendo and Shinji, at least more than I felt sorry for Ray. I'm not sure I know what planet this is happening on nor could I claim to know the century: if this is a Star Ocean x-over then it could be just about anywhere at any time. The use of seemingly random anime characters is simply distracting and for something posted in the Ranma section there are strangely no Ranma characers - unless Ray is Ranma which presents all kinds of problems anyway. Massive character changes must be explained before they happen (at least a prologue but an enire story arc would be a good idea). Finally the scenes have no kind of transition between them not even an extra linebreak so every scene change is exceptionally disorienting.
1/29/2005 c1 1NL Kaos
crazy idea, I love it! I love Star Ocean. Keep up the good work

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