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11/14/2008 c6 surfergirl19
This chapter was okay.Malik doesn't have a brother,but he has a servant named rishid in the manga(in the anime his name is odion)and I think malik used to call him'brother'.Anyway, I really like this story and I can't wait for more chapters!:)
8/31/2008 c6 Yugi Muto
the name of malik's fake brother's name is rishid in the Japanese videos or in the t.v show his name is Odion
3/31/2005 c6 9Misura
A touching look at Odion's problems, and the way he has to sneak behind Malik's back to fulfill his role as 'big brother' and 'protector'. (In japanese, I believe, his name is Rishid.) I also liked the second scene, with Yami coming to the rescue and Yugi being all shy and, well, cute. I also liked Yami not pushing Yugi to tell him everything, instead accepting that Yugi'd tell him later. ^-^
3/28/2005 c6 5Feebeefi
I just found this story. It's really intresting! In the dub Malik's brother is called Odion but in the Japanese he's called Rishid. Hope that helps! Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/27/2005 c5 14Azuyami
mor plz...! ^^
3/27/2005 c6 1Amber Eyes23
I believe the name is Rishid. Sounds like a good story so far.
3/27/2005 c5 Rugmonkey
opps, forgot to review this one kiddo!

very good.

3/27/2005 c6 Rugmonkey
and so it begins...yugi's dream was good, who was that bloke? dunno what maliks brother is called, caant wait for yugi to get to school, something tells me you gotta few things up your sleeve!

3/27/2005 c6 25Yami Yuugi
hey great chapter update again soon and Marik's brother's name is Rishid.
3/27/2005 c6 Yana5

awaw Yami please look after Yugi
3/8/2005 c5 1Amber Eyes23
I believe Marik is the 'yami'. Malik is the hikari. At least in most of the fics I've read thats how it is.
3/7/2005 c5 53Green Phantom Queen
Pretty good story1 I was expecting Bakura to take the Puzzle. Update soon so we can see what happens next!
3/7/2005 c5 9Misura
[In most of the fics I've read, Marik is the yami and Malik is merely a psycho. But I've also read some in which it's the other way around, so I guess there's no actual 'rule' for it; you can just say who's who.]

I loved the sprinkles of humor in this chapter, as well as the description of Yami's finding out about Duel Monsters. I can't say it was very comforting to find out the identity of Yami's enemy, but it certainly was a scene as engaging as the rest of this chapter, and I'm sure nothing too bad can happen in a mere hour, so I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. ~.^
3/7/2005 c5 12Sami Ryou's Hikari
Marik is the Yami, Malik is the Hikari.

Awesome chapter, I really liked it! I'm glad my fave tomb keepers are now in the story! Hah, Yami is funny.

Love Sami, Ryou's Hikari.
3/6/2005 c5 25Yami Yuugi
good update, and ooh wonder what Marik is going to do when he finds the pharaoh and what of Yugi, and his subjects? update again soon k?
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