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2/11/2005 c3 25Yami Yuugi
ooh i like, update again soon, keep up the good work.
2/1/2005 c2 9Misura
I liked the style you used for this chapter, the sound of the puzzle-pieces indicating the passing of time and the upcoming completion of the puzzle. I also liked Yugi hesitating one moment before completing it, *because* he'd be done then. Never guessing that his finishing the puzzle would only be the beginning. ~.^
1/31/2005 c2 2Hei Feng Ying
Awe, this is turning out pretty good. Though i usually read RyouBakura fics, this fic is really cute well in a ansty sort of way(refering to the beginning chapter) which i really adore.Um one question, the way Yugi put the puzzel in was it intended to be not based in the story? Because when i download the japanese version the first episode show the exact same thing except the last puzzel was missing, Joey had stole it and threw it into the river near the school,then after some very complicated matters Joey gave back the puzzel, became friends with Yugi but they were badly beaten up. Yugi with all this strength put the last remaining puzzel which is the center eye piece and then Yami came took over Yugi's body and save them all using his shadow realm games just a normal card game not even duel moster cards. And send the bully crying for his mom.lo,l XP. Well at least that is what i remember what happen, i only saw episode 1-4 or 5 it was a bit weird becuase Seto Kaiba had green hair O_o and there was this girl named Miho aswell, Shadi came like the 5 or 6 th episode and Yami beat up Kaiba Security guards and dual Kaiba in the 3rd episode or was it second i forgot XD. Anyways it doesn't always have to fit the orginal story to be great, actually i prefer Yami beating up the Security guard in order to protect his friends, but i just can't stand Seto Kaibas messed up hair. That just plain scares me*shrudders* I hope you will continue this fic as well as Dragoon's Flight :D!
1/30/2005 c1 47Yami-Yugi3
Need more please. Is it Yami or Yugi? Need to know.
1/30/2005 c1 annonymous girl
i really like what i read of this story, and think

you should continue, (ahh! darn writers block.)

i am sorry, but i keep going blank, anyway i

think this is a good start and i hope you will

continue it. keep up the good work.-_-

p. s., next time i will do better for reviewing.)

coarel get off the computer!


my cat

annonymous gundam
1/30/2005 c2 25Yami Yuugi
i really like this fic, keep up the good work and update again soon this is going on my favorites.
1/30/2005 c2 Rugmonkey
Hey, that was quick.

you want some advise? okeydokey

the first part was good, loads of information and i could picture the scene.

towards the end it sort of fizzled out.

but its your story. update it soon.

1/30/2005 c1 Yana5
carry on i love this story
1/30/2005 c1 Sami
Oh.My.God! THAT WAS AMAZING! Please follow up on this with a story! You just have too! That scene was as sad as when Yami is crying out in despair over Yugi's lost soul! And that is possibly one of the most heartbreaking scenes in the series!

love Sami.
1/29/2005 c1 Rugmonkey
A story written in 24 hours, or a story in the time frame of 24 hours?

it was a bit short, but i'm guessing that was not a whole chapter. are the other chapters going to be longer?

just write it and i will read it, u grabbed my interest as usual. r u going to finish draggons flight too?

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