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11/13/2007 c2 3twilightknight101
hey. this was really well written. why stop?

i bet lots of people read it they just could't be bothered to reply. I think you should keep going. Tamora Pierce would't stop writting if people didn't reply to her would she?
12/6/2005 c2 swordanddagger
You should keep writing! I wanna know where this story is going. So far I like it.
6/11/2005 c2 27Queen Tigeress
why didn't you write more?
6/7/2005 c1 bluechic
u have buries real name right ad kel was raouls only squire good job
5/23/2005 c2 jo
nice you should update
5/3/2005 c2 11thepenthatspewsgarbage
I'm kinda stupid, I review before I read the chapter... o.O but ok, the last review was cut off,t hat's like...uh... a quater of the whole thing. I dunno, all the words were just scrunched up together. But I can read this chapter fine so yea. I'll read it later when I'm done doin' my homework. i was jsut inna rush to review cause my reviewin' thingy finally works. I couldn't review since Christmas. I had to use library comps. I'm so happy T-T *sob*
4/8/2005 c2 Dom's angel
i don't like it!

i love it!
4/7/2005 c2 Jamie Lynn
hey this is nice please update ASAP! PLEASE !
4/4/2005 c2 7queen-of-sapphires
i liked it...it was a bit wierd and unexpected with the time jump to the palace and all, you maybe could have at least stated that they were in the palace before you even began. Update soon, Jon's character was pretty good.
4/4/2005 c2 9Enchanted Evangeline
yay for (finally) an update! yes, the spacing was MUCH better this time! it was actually perfect! altho this chappie was short, it was good. i agree - i don't like the way Kel doesn't like Jon or how Tamora makes him seem like a jerk-wad. (did i just say jerk-wad?)

4/4/2005 c2 7spacegrace
I like this so far update soon.
3/26/2005 c1 11thepenthatspewsgarbage
kat: ah i tried to read it, really i did but i got blinded after the first paragraph!
2/3/2005 c1 alyios
raoul did have a squire in alanna, you fic is really good
2/2/2005 c1 4Trickstergal33
Nice chapter, I have to agree, the characters were all pretty much in character (although I'm not sure they would hug that much ;))I believe Raoul actually did have another squire, but it was a long, long time ago. He mentioned it to Kel in Squire I think when he was saying why he was chosing her. It was probably Geoffrey, Douglass or someone else from Alanna's time. The only sugesstions I have are 1.Think of a title, a good one that will catch people attentions. 2. Space between dialgue to make it easier to read like soemone else already said and 3. Try not to put a/n's in the middle of the chapter, put them at the end. It's a little distracting to the reader. Other than that, loved it. Update soon!
1/31/2005 c1 books4me
Wow, great story!

Kel and the others are really in character, almost surprisingly in character.

I love how Dom is such a cool guy, yet he really cares about New Hope and Kel's feelings.

I really, really, really want to read more!

Keep up the good work!

* Books4mE *
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