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1/22/2006 c7 31coolmarauders
Heh, I liked the bit with Hermione defending the elves. That was cool.

Moony of CM
1/22/2006 c6 coolmarauders
OK, I can deal with that. I STILL LOVE THIS!

Moony of CM (coolmarauders)
1/21/2006 c4 coolmarauders
HOLY CRAP, DUDE! I LOVE THIS! I'm putting it in my c2!

Moony of coolmarauders
1/18/2006 c23 PattyBones
I have read up to this chapter so far and I still say that this is one of the best crossovers ever. You have done such a wonderful job of blending characters and stories. It just keeps feeling right. I look forward to finishing this and starting the sequel crossover as well.
1/14/2006 c6 PattyBones
I have just found this story and so far this is the third best crossover I have read. It is entirely engaging and realistic. I just wanted to let you know that I plan to continue.
1/12/2006 c39 rain78
That was the best story I've ever read on here =) I loved it lol. You're a good writer!
12/16/2005 c2 Madoey
12/15/2005 c1 Mary Beth
Haha! I love it so far!

*sniff* You said there was minimal ships, didnt you? (Brags: HEY EVERYONE! I KNOW THE AUTHOR!)

But, yeah. Totally cool so far. Be prepared for spam as I, a habitual lurker, review every chapter.

12/15/2005 c39 20moonstonemystyk
Fantastic story! I'm on my way to start the sequel.
12/9/2005 c3 1Anakah
I thought it was awesome that you thought to use Expecto Patronum on them. It makes sense, really. Awesome story!
11/20/2005 c3 gredior
11/18/2005 c8 Schwinpt
well you fic is great but i like fics where harry is more a non-rowling harry(what means a stupid harry)...i like when he really know some stuff but he just used so far 4 spells and hermione already know all middle-earth history and 2 forms of elvish least make harry a great warrior who at least uses a sword too
10/17/2005 c6 3JuMiKu
*snort* Aren't the twins romantic? Tisch! That must have been the shortest heartbreak moment I have ever come across, but considering those are the twins, I think it is in character!
10/13/2005 c39 4Mad Hattress Skylar
This fic was the all time awsomest fic I have ever read. (though a Hermione and Legolas romance would have been so cool. hehe) I cannot wait to start reading the sequel!
10/3/2005 c39 163Marcus S. Lazarus
BRILLIANT story you have here, my friend. All six of the primary Harry Potter cast working side-by-side with the Fellowship of the Ring (To varying degrees), a nice little touch of Harry/Ginny romance, and some excellent bonding moments between certain members of the two groups.

I particularly liked Aragorn tackling Voldemort, and the part where the 'Fearsome Foursome' sang '99 bottles of beer on the wall', and when Fred commented that Saruman rminded him of Molly in a bad mood.

I eagerly anticpate the sequel!
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